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Discussion in 'Raiden' started by DDutchguy, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. DDutchguy

    DDutchguy Raiden enthusiast

    Raiden is apparently 'out' right now even though we never got official confirmation he would be released today. But if this is not a mistake by NRS/WB then RAIDEN HYPE!

    Post whatever Raiden-related thing you have here.
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  2. Kooron Nation

    Kooron Nation More Ass and Tits for MK11

    From what I'm watching on a stream his moves are all from MKX, with his strings being taken from Thunder God (allowing you to hold the lightning).

    His specials are (from what I've seen):
    Bolt (projectile), Vicinity Blast, Shocker, Superman, Teleport.
    His trait gives a bonus to Shocker and Vicinity Blast allowing them to combo meterlessly (so far from what I've seen it's only in the corner?)

    His bnbs do about 400 damage.

    His f3 is his double hitting overhead from MKX (B2).
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  3. DDutchguy

    DDutchguy Raiden enthusiast

    I assume it's the normal F3 speed though, so not 13-frames of startup like in MKX?
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  4. DarksydeDash

    DarksydeDash Magic and Starbolts - Give up or get lit up.

    Is his f1 back and 6 frames?
  5. Kooron Nation

    Kooron Nation More Ass and Tits for MK11

    No idea on any frame data, the guy I was watching didn't show frame data, it looked about 26/28 frames, pretty quick actually.
    His b3 is a new animation, looks pretty short range
  6. Nivek

    Nivek Athena guide me, the thunder God...

    Let's get this party started!!!
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  7. DDutchguy

    DDutchguy Raiden enthusiast

    I have Raiden.

    Most normals are the same as his MKX normals animation-wise
    - 1 is an 8-frame high
    - F1 is a 6-frame high (YES)
    - B1 is a 13-frame low
    - 2 is a 10-frame mid
    - F2 is a 15-frame mid
    - S3 is a 12-frame mid that leads to a meterless launcher in 3F3 (unsafe but special cancelable)

    - D1 is 7 startup and -3 on block
    - D2 is 9 startup and -14 on block
    - D3 is his MKX D4, 12 startup and -8 on block

    - B3 is +5 on block and 29 startup
    - F3 is +5 on block and 30 startup. It's his B2 from MKX but with a super telegraphed animation, and the first hit is special cancelable.

    - J1 is MKX J1
    - J2 is MKX J2
    - J3 is MKX J3 and is his crossup

    Walk speed and dashes
    - His forward walk has a quick first step to it (holy fuck it's good). 4 of these quick steps will make you go from fullscreen to D1 range.
    - Forward dash has a bit of a startup to it, 2 of them to reach sweep range.
    - Back walk speed also has a quick first step, but doesn't go as far as forward walk.
    - Backdash has a startup before he moves backwards, doesn't look very good.

    Strings (a fuck ton of 'em)
    - 112B3 is his 1122 Thunder God string from MKX and hits High-Mid-Mid-Overhead.
    • If trait is not on, the 2 and B3 are single hits. With trait on, you can hold it à la MKX Thunder God.
    • 112 is +2 on block.
    • With trait on you can hold the 2 and B3 for 3 and 4 hits respectively.
    • Holy fuck 112B3 with trait on builds a fuck ton of bar I'm talking like 70% of a bar.
    • The B3 hits overhead and crosses up midscreen. In the corner it does not cross up.
    • The full string cannot be special canceled and is -18 on block (-16 with good pushback with trait on).
    - 113 is his 112 from Displacer and MoS in MKX and is +4 on block.
    • It's a splat rather than a full hard knockdown and +39 on hit.

    - F12B2 is the same as in MKX, animation is Thunder God F12B2.
    • -6 on block.
    • Only launches for a meterless combo in the corner.
    • With trait on, it launches midscreen for a meterless combo. Staggering the string with trait on is unsafe on block. Full string (no staggers) is -4 with trait on.
    - F123 has the MKX F12B2 animation from Displacer and MoS. Used as a combo extender.

    - F1D3 is his F14 from MKX. There is no Fatality timer in this game which is where its only use in MKX was, so this string is pretty useless.

    - B112 is a low-mid-mid that is -15 and can be extended with trait on (to become -14).

    - B12 is a low-mid, same deal as B112.

    - B13 is a low-mid that can't be special canceled and is his B34 from MKX. It's safe at -4 on block.

    - 21U3 hits mid-mid-mid and launches for a meterless combo, it's his 213 from MKX and -20 on block.

    - 21D3 is his MKX 214 (mid-mid-low) and is -5 on block.

    - F213 is MKX F244 and cannot be special canceled. It's -3 and puts the opponent fullscreen.

    - F2B2 is MKX F22+4. It doesn't launch and can't be canceled.
    • Leads to a +29 on hit hard knockdown.
    • -2 on block.
    • Sets up a J3 ambiguous cross-up and it's dirty as fuck.
    - F2B3 is Thunder God F22+4 and sends the opponent fullscreen.
    • Can be extended with trait on.
    • +4 with lots of pushback, 0 or -1 fully extended with trait with lots of pushback and hits 5 times.
    - 3B3 is basically the same string as F2B3.

    - 3F3 is a mid-overhead, his MKX 34 string.
    • -12 on block and launches for a full combo both midscreen and in the corner.
    • Can be special canceled.

    - DB1 is his MKX DB1, 25 startup and -14 on block. It can be delayed and canceled. Fully charged DB1 has lots of pushback and is + on block (though still a High).
    • MB DB1 is +2 on block and gives you a full combo.
    - DF2 is MKX Shocker, 12 startup and -8 on block
    • Hits Mid.
    • MB DF2 gives you a full combo, but will not connect into B3 unless Trait is active.
    - Teleport is 16 startup, 21 recovery. Input is DU.
    • Teleport can be meter burned to make Raiden disappear (he still has a hitbox). This way you can delay the teleport and cut down recovery very significantly. MB'ing does not change the startup.
    - DB2 is his 14-startup Vicinity Blast and can be held and dash canceled (though only after the 14 startup and 19 active frames are over.
    • MB DB2 launches for a full B3 combo and is -2 on block (HOLY CRAP IT'S -2).
    • Normal DB2 can give you a full combo on hit though not a B3 combo. It can also be used to extend combos(!)
    - BF3 is his 14 startup, 47 recovery, -30 on block superman we all know and love. MB it for some extra damage.
    - Air BF3 is 6 startup and -42 on block (good lord). Can also be MB'ed.
    - Master of Storms orbs are gear (rip @buyacushun)

    • 1 startup, 37 recovery.
    • Lasts for 6 seconds, takes 7 seconds to recharge.
    • Adds lightning extensions (like Thunder God in MKX) to a lot of his strings.
    • D2 becomes an MKX-style D2.
    • Allows Raiden to stop his DB1 lightning bolt for a bar of meter. Like in MKX, you can time it so both the bolt and the stopping of the bolt hit.
    • DF2 no longer puts the opponent fullscreen, but puts them right in front of you.
      • It's +29 on hit and a hard knockdown so it gives you a free cross-up J3.
    • DB2 on hit now shocks the opponent for a full B3 combo. MB DB2 also shocks the opponent, rather than just launching them up like it does without trait.
    • BF3 does slightly more damage.
    • Teleport can now be done In Front, In Place and Far. Far teleport is jump distance away.
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  8. foxof42

    foxof42 Thanksgiving corner game, going ham and stuffing

    Special cancelable f3? Strange, I wonder what the advantage would be to using that since you could let it rock and be plus. Anyone know the recovery on his teleport?
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  9. DDutchguy

    DDutchguy Raiden enthusiast

    16 startup 21 recovery. MB it to delay the teleport and reduce recovery very greatly.
  10. foxof42

    foxof42 Thanksgiving corner game, going ham and stuffing

    So his vanilla teleport is a total of 37 frames versus Scarecrow's 51 - I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed. I was hoping it'd be slightly faster on recovery.
  11. DDutchguy

    DDutchguy Raiden enthusiast

    MB it, recovery close to MKX EX teleport.
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  12. GrimJack

    GrimJack Wake up MB b3

    do any of you guy know the way to get him?
  13. TheRealOnlyGoonie

    TheRealOnlyGoonie Hey You Guys

  14. DDutchguy

    DDutchguy Raiden enthusiast

    Okay all the Raiden info is there. If he gets pulled from Xbox we at least have most of the important info now.
  15. DDutchguy

    DDutchguy Raiden enthusiast

    I went to Manage Game and Raiden appeared ready for installing there.

    Goonie it has been like several hours man.
  16. buyacushun

    buyacushun Normalize grab immunity.

    Cancelling F3 might save the ground bounce. Wish F4 made it.

    @DDutchguy so is teleport locked to trait?

    Does it seem like you can do fireball cancels for any pressure or combos?
  17. DDutchguy

    DDutchguy Raiden enthusiast

    Teleport is not locked to trait, only In Place, In Front and Far teleport are locked to trait.

    Fireball cancels for pressure do not look viable.
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  18. IrishMantis

    IrishMantis Most humble shit talker ever!!!
    Premium Supporter

    Since Meter is not really a problem
    In this game since you have 4 bars and build it on hit too his MB Tele won't be a problem

    Plus as said he builds a shit tonne of meter
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  19. 1man3letters

    1man3letters Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
    Moderator Premium Supporter

    Few questions,
    What start up his air normals?

    Does vin blast only hit airborne opponent that don't have normal one block data listed,?

    How's push back on block shocker? Trait version any safer?

    Finally two trait things, can he link into trait (eg 11-4 to whatever and still combo) and what do y mean his d2 becomes a mkx style d2 in trait?
  20. freerf245

    freerf245 11 11 11 11

    He needs to charge his trait? Thats garbage
  21. xSamuel

    xSamuel Player of All, Master of None.

    F12B2xTeleport in the corner leads to a mixup on knockdown. Jump 2 doesn't cross up and jump 3 does cross up but lands on the outside. Also his F3 can be cancelled so you can do F3xMBF3 for a triple overhead
  22. neveradestroyer

    neveradestroyer Tier hero... lowest tier amazing player.

    Day -14 downplay... Guys... we got a record here:DOGE
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  23. TurboTaco

    TurboTaco Mexican street vendor

    I think it recharges automatically?
  24. xSamuel

    xSamuel Player of All, Master of None.

    Has a longer recovery so harder to combo from but triple damage
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  25. freerf245

    freerf245 11 11 11 11

    Ooooh the cooldown is 7 seconds? Ok thats not so bad.

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