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Raiden deep dive podcast by the Netherkast!


We are returned! Death to the False Emperor!
Continuing the awesome new series of devoting over an hour of discussion to each character in the upcoming (and somehow still 11 weeks away despite it being 11 weeks away for approximately 4 years now) Mortal Kombat 11, the Netherkast's 'Random Select' has this time alighted on Raiden!

This time, IshyRose features as the gang break down everything Raiden in MK11 from strings and specials to story and shaders!

With Scorpion, Sub Zero and Baraka down, who would you like to see the NK crew cover next?
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Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
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Nice, I love how they have so many shaders. I mean would have preferred a do it myself/color it myself system like MK A's KAK or a WWE KAK something like that but this is the next best thing I suppose especially if they have like 30-50 of them.