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Raiden Challenge delayed, probably because of log-in errors and other bugs...


More Displacer Raiden, please! ;P
NR Studios seems to have NO idea how to fix this mobile game, or they probably would have fixed it by now. Although it would be nice if NR would TELL us what's going on with their mobile game--and I'm assuming it's a problem for Android users as well as us ios users--I'm guessing that IF they're going to add the Raiden challenge in another update, it'll be an update that fixes a bunch of problems, such as 4 specific problems I'll mention:

1) Not being able to play offline if you DO have a WB Play account, which is the issue I have.

2) Other ppl can play offline but not online because their WB Play account never worked, so they aren't able to use allies to get valuable alliance points or play Faction Wars, which is the main reason to play the game since the regular 'campaign' mode is pretty easy (unless they add another 'map' or set of battle ladders).

3) Many of us spent real money on the game and never got our rewards, which is REALLY bad for business, along with the other 2 bugs I already mentioned. I personally spent $3 to support the game and get some soul points (energy points/gold card currency), but I never got it: even though my screen said 'transaction successful/complete' or something like that. I was even considering spending more money on the game but I always start with a small purchase to see if IAPs actually WORK. This is the only game where in-app purchases didn't work for me, so why spend more on such a buggy game that will probably just take my money for nothing, again?

4) Players with weaker devices that have less than 1 GB of ram have a lot of crashes during gameplay, and that includes my Ipod Touch 5th-generation...which allows me to play other NR games like Injustice and WWE Immortals near-perfectly...I blame the ALLY system and WB Play accounts that are only in MKX mobile!

I actually heard that if you try to delete all your allies from your friends list, you still can't play offline battles because the first friend on your list is permanent, so you can't remove it, and the only battle that everyone can play offline is the very 1st battle ladder of 2 matches since it's the tutorial and the ally system isn't introduced until battle ladder 2. Kudos to someone online who mentioned this, cos I hadn't thought of checking that, but it seems to be strong evidence that the ally system is the flaw because for ANY other offline battle, when I try to start a battle, the game gets stuck on the 'loading data' logo and it keeps flashing because it's trying to find my allies...but my allies and friends list are only accessible online! I don't have wifi at home or local wifi :(

If we can barely play the game, HOW can we prepare for the Raiden challenge? If it's anything like the previous 2 card fighter games that NR made, we all know we'll need to level up plenty of bronze and silver cards (and possibly gold cards) to earn him under the 2- to 3-week time limit. Gold cards are so hard to get in this game, anyway, and the 'Daily' Coin challenge is more like a weekly challenge :p

Finally, the fact that NR keeps updating Injustice and Immortals with new characters and pages of battles seems to suggest they're trying to distract us at best, or at worst, they have NO idea how to fix their newest game, which is basically based on the game series that made them famous (Bally/Midway/NR, whatever they've been called over the years...).

We're waiting, NR...at least, the ones who haven't deleted the game...:(

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I don't feel like gold cards were hard to get. I've got 8 since I started. Probably could have had more if I cared more. And no, I didn't spend a dime on this shitty app. I just wanted the skins.


I beat the Raiden challenges and have apparently unlocked klassic mileena. But I still don't have it on my ps4 ;/
I beat the Raiden challenges and have apparently unlocked klassic mileena. But I still don't have it on my ps4 ;/
It's because the app is not connecting with your profile. They should at lest fix the connection error so those of us who already unlocked her can get her to console.