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General/Other - TriBorg R.I.P Triborg 2016 -- They Were Never Allowed To Live


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Dude you REALLY need to calm down.

First off, I dont know why Cage gets to keep his dumb stuff, not my call. Email NRS and ask them

Second, I never said Smoke was "godlike" I just said he is essentially the same as he was before except for a few minor changes. He still has the vortex, just less plus going into it. His damage dropped by 2%. Not that big of a deal. Man if you were a cyber sub main you probably would have jumped off of a bridge or something. All in all Smoke got off easy compared to other characters.
yep if he is complainging about a damage nerf try close to 25% and up! Cyrax got the actual damage nerf

how is anyone complaining about Smokes damage, they should be complaining about the universal nerfs to triborg.



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Just lifted today, actually. :p

Real talk, lift sucked as a reactionary AA, though. Good on a read jump from like half-screen, though. Also, if my memory is serving me correctly, most of the top tiers had jump-ins that most of the cast couldn't even handle.
I know, Joker was insane.
Why did they do it to csz and not sub zero he can freeze after a string! It's just weird! He does gain bars quite quick so been ex balling after a string to freeze them. I just think I need to adapt to a different style of gameplay! And also being as annoying as fuck with the dive kick! Take my dive kick bitch!


Smoke meterless 36% midscreen? Yes, please.
The combos for CSZ do less damage and Cyrax's don't work as of now. But the guy seems to be working on them.
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Kenshi Srubtastic,Cyrax, Special Forces Mains
i miss Cyrax damage


and now we only get 33% in MKXL Not including HTB

LOL remember the UnBLOCKABLE BOMBS!!! i miss them, and we worrie about boms that are blockable/come out way slower/have alot more recovery. its Sad really.
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Little late to the party but ... You can jump outta smokes b3 after 21 and backdash the overhead, jumping out works great either way cuz even if you get hit in the air smoke can't really convert anyway


Smh TYM doesn't learn nerf first then lab later as @themilkman014 says.. I'm happy to say I saw this coming though but hey look at the bright side.. A list cage, F/T, got the mk9 Sonya treatment. Smh after 7 years of nrs games you would think people would STOP BITCHING but lol you where wrong for thinking.
P.S I don't main triborg or even use him I just feel your pain. #ShinnokBoys
What's the MK9 Sonya treatment?


People complain about balance done correctly, balance done wrong, characters from the lore, characters not in the lore.

People complain. How it goes.


Kenshi Srubtastic,Cyrax, Special Forces Mains
People complain about balance done correctly, balance done wrong, characters from the lore, characters not in the lore.

People complain. How it goes.
some have reson to complaine, what happened to Cyrax and CSZ was down right (soap bar in my mouth).

i gotta say something:

The reason i like @PND_Ketchup and @PND_Mustard is not because they are very good with the characters they main. or that fact that they are character Loyalist to the borgs. or even that they are badasses with labbing tech.
what i like most about these two is that they are modest when it comes to balancing with there characters, they don't downplay them/ask for unreasonable buffs. They are clear and Level minded when speking about tech and tools that they have. and that is a rarity when it comes to Character loyalist's or TYM for that matter. These two are probably some of the Smartest Logical players i have come across. and they treat others with respect. And for that i felt it neede to be said. that They realize When Questions are asked about a characters toolset: they realize that can cause controversy to Catalyst Change and they know that can be a good thing when using reason and logic.

I tip my hat to you guys. i havent really expressed that before and glad i finally did.

Not saying anything about other players, but they usually act better than others, or make others feel like shit. these two have respect and just leave it alone when needed and in a kind respectful manner they clear up confusion. i remember a while back i was wrong about something and just saying these guys handled it very well.
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Haaave you met Sektor?
For a long time I've been away from here, after the death of my spirit cyborg (CSZ) i just had nothing to do with MK anymore. A new era came, but some of us just got there later (PC users), but here is the time. My intel cyborg (cuz it runs cold) got a shiny new armor, a deeper tone and I felt like my time is here aaand....im back for a cyborg massacre? What is this racism?