Questions about MK11 Gameplay? Ask Slips and Hippo!

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  1. KingHippo

    KingHippo Alternative-Fact Checker

    Hey everyone! So the MK11 Reveal Event is just around the corner, and @Slips and I will be in attendance to get the first glimpse at what MK11 will be. Naturally, the Slips and Hippo show will return to debrief our experience and get some hands-on impressions about the game. Now since this was an invite only event in the US, I imagine there will be lots of questions from people just viewing the stream.

    In order to best share the excitement of MK11, I've opened up a new email address, [email protected], in order for you, the fans, to send in questions that we will answer on our return edition show! Keep in mind our knowledge will probably be limited, and we may not know the answers, but who knows what fun discussions could come from these questions? So please feel free to send them in, and we'll do our best to answer them when we return!

    Thanks, and let's get ready to see what's next! Hopefully it's not actually me...
  2. Krankk

    Krankk Noob

    Yeah, I'll ask a question: Who will be Slips' main in MK11?

  3. Marlow

    Marlow Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    If you die in the game, do you die in real life?
  4. Badboy Takuma

    Badboy Takuma time traveller

    I hope you can play it as much as possible!
    I would like to know the following:
    -the assignment of the buttons?
    -how does the input engine feels like?
    Thank you
  5. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse This will be easy

    I'm interested in what will be different and what is the same/alike the gameplay from MKX and even MK9. And then hearing about the new stuff and how that works!
  6. Is it konfirmed attendees will actually get some hands on time with the game?

    Everything. I want to know everything.
  7. Badboy Takuma

    Badboy Takuma time traveller

    i forgot the most important question:
    -is the stance switch button still available ???????
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  8. Evil Canadian

    Evil Canadian G O K U
    Royal Contributor

    What if I ask you guys but then after I ask you separately and then you give me different answers

    is slips and hippo truly a united front that can be trusted?...
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  9. PunkMafia83

    PunkMafia83 PSN: YaRnToNpUnKMAFIA

    Question for slips. What does Spiro Jin rub on his fingers when playing tekken on stream?
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