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Question of the Week: May 3rd


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This week's question: Recommend something obscure or underappreciated that you think other TYM users should try/watch/eat/etc.

So, this can be just about anything you'd like to recommend, including food, TV shows, bands, games; anything you like!

I'm going to recommend the podcast, How Did This Get Made. It's these 3 comedians who watch "bad" movies and talk about them, and it's just really entertaining and hilarious. My favorite part is "Second Opinion" where they read Amazon 5-star reviews for these terrible movies. The episode on Hulk Hogan's No Holds Barred remains one of my favorites!

Your turn!
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I recommend pants. They're underappreciated, but maintain one's dignity when out and about in public.

However I don't think that's the kind of recommendation you were looking for, so I'll recommend a book. It's called Everything is #@%!ed" by Mark Manson. It's a very interesting look at why people seem so unhappy today, despite society being the most safe, stable, and secure it's ever been.

It's an interesting read, and really goes into understanding societal perspective and why people get so easily offended over things today.


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The Consouls are a quasi-Jazz cover band that mostly does covers of video game music, been active for a while and they still release tracks. They've become one of my most listened to bands.

@Juxtapose I really enjoyed Mark Manson's The subtle art of not-giving a #%%! Good writer!

And my GF has been trying to get me to watch that podcast for like two years robo, maybe I'll check it out for the Hulkster


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Well...there is a show on Netflix simply called "Dark". it's a German show I believe but is very well dubbed in English and maybe other languages too; and of course subtitled. It is probably one of the best ways I've seen time travel portrayed. Mostly a bootstrap paradox and how stuff creates an alternate timeline. The only thing is that you have to really stay invested or you may get confused.

I dunno...I sorta get into all of that weird Twin Peaks, Black Mirror, type stuff.


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Man, so many things to recommend, where do I start?

Playing off of what Automaton Constable posted, another great "bad movie podcast" that I really enjoy is The Flop House. Two of the guys were/are writers for The Daily Show, and the other guy owns a bar in New York City called Hinterlands Bar. Just some smart, funny, nerdy guys talking about movies.

I just started watching a YouTube channel called Agadmator's Chess Channel. I'm not super into chess or anything, never tried to learn anything like openers or anything formal, but he does a great job going over some classic games and showing the brilliant moves.

Last recommendation is a YouTube channel called 8 Bit Music Theory. Basically it's a Music Theory nerd who also loves videogames, so he analyses video game soundtracks to explore different music theory concepts. Even if you don't really know anything about reading music or music theory it's still pretty interesting to see some of the concepts explained. He has a great episode where he talks about the music of Castlevania, or why the Zelda theme song is so great.


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If you liked Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia, but want a darker, grown up version, try The Magicians from Lev Grossman. The books are great, and there's also a show on Sci Fi network, now available on Netflix, that's also great but goes in a very different but interesting direction from the book.