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Question for PS4 players.

Do you still have to have a PlayStation network subscription in order to play kombat league? Just curious, because I still need an Xbox live subscription for some reason.


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yes. unless a game is free to play most online interactions you have to. and obviously you would need an internet connection to at least update tours etc.


You have to have a playstation plus membership to play a PS4 online. It costs $50 a year, but you also get free games monthly. I've been pleased with it.


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and with PS+ you just just have to add the games to your library. you don't have to download. so in the future if you cancel your subscription and sign back up you can still download. i believe that is similar to XBOX as well, cuz i know my nephew does this.


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The only party in town that doesn't make you pay for the supporting network is PC.

It's too bad is not a better used luxury for fighters.