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Question about Raiden from MK Trilogy


In an old Trilogy combo video, I recall seeing what looked like a mid-screen infinite being performed by Raiden. It involved heavy use of the teleport special move. Did I see an actual infinite? My memory is a little hazy here. If so, is this combo possible to perform in the heat of combat? Or is it just for show? And if it's useful in combat, wouldn't this effect his tier ranking in MK Trilogy?


It's been kind of a while since I played it. But I believe he has a couple of variations of juggles + teleport that can be used for midscreen infs. But I don't remember how many characters they work on. I do remember them being very difficult to time and not doing much damage.

I find Raiden to be quite a capable character in MKT but even with a midscreen inf of some difficulty his ranking isn't super great. It takes a real threatening character to burst into the top tiers. A good example is Shang Tsung in UMK3. He has a corner inf and a midscreen inf. But it can still be really hard to get a victory with him.

And also, MKT is broken. I wouldn't bet on any ranks being all that accurate just because the game has had almost no high level play. It's just too broken to be taken seriously.

I will say this though, I would love an MK2 Raiden that did MK2 level damage :-D Don't know why everybody else from MK2 (including the remade Johnny Cage) got MK2 level damage and poor Raiden gets MK3 level.


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the otg relaunch inf is useless and the 3 punches teleport inf can help you in a juggle vs huge characters only with max 10%+ lol