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Guide Quan Chi Combo Guide

I didn't see a dedicated thread for this, so I made it for anyone who is picking up Quan and needs a place to start. Also, I stole some things from the Smoke forum (@frothyomen), because their combo guide was very thorough and organized :)

LAST UPDATED: 2/9/2013

1 = :fp
2 = :bp
3 = :fk
4 = :bk
~ = Special Cancel
> = Dash
... = Slight Pause

Guide Layout
The guide will have endings for combos listed seperately, and each combo will list the possible endings.

The damage will be shown as (normal/JIP starter) for each ending. Some combos within an ending will do slightly more or less damage than others--this will be listed in the Combo Enders section.

Also, these combos have JIPs after Trance has landed--if you opt to build meter instead of JIP, you will do between 2-3% less damage.

I will list the combos under headings such as High Damage, BnB, etc. This is just my opinion--you may find that the higher damage combo is just as easy to do as what I list as practical. I may just suck :)

Combo Enders

Combo Enders 1:
JIP, B11~Mid Ground Blast (standard damage)
JIP, 112~Far Ground Blast (standard damage)
JIP, B3 1+2>Uppercut (+1 to 2% damage)

Combo Enders 2:
JIP, B21>B21>112~Far Ground Blast
JIP, B21>B21>B11~Far Ground Blast

Rune Trap Setup Ender (Can be used in place of Combo Enders 1 or 2):
JIP, 11~Sky Drop (Setup for Rune Trap. -3 to 4%)
Note: This can be used anytime after Trance in any combo.

X-Ray Ender (Can be used in place of Combo Enders 1 or 2):
JIP, 2,1~X-Ray
JIP, F12~X-Ray

Mid Screen Combos

Highest Damage Midscreen:
B21, Trance, Combo Ender 2 (41%/44%)

B21>B21>B11~Trance, Combo Ender 1 (39%/42%)
B3 1+2>B21>B11~Trance, Combo Ender 1 (37%/40%)

Other Combos:
112~Trance, Combo Ender 2 (37%/40%)
Note: I sometimes check people after 11~Sky Drop with 113~Rune. If they are attempting to jump out of Rune Trap, this will land, which can be hit confirmed into 112~Trance.

U+3~Trance, Combo Ender 2 (31%/34%)

F12~Trance, Combo Ender 2 (38%/41%)
Note: The JIP in Combo Ender 2 will be a cross-up in this combo.

Trance Starter:
Trance, Combo Ender 2 (34%/--)
Note: This can be used anytime you land Trance as a starter--for me, this usually happens when attempting to trade with a projectile at mid to 3/4 screen.

Situational Combos
Air to Air:

Air to Air JP >F1~Trance, Jp B2 1, 1 1 2 Mid Rune (24%/--) **Updated from previous version--please see Mayo's video for a detailed explanation of his combo!

Air to Air JP>D4~Trance, Combo Ender 2 (20%/--)

Air to Air JP>D4~Trance, JIP, B21>112~Far Ground Blast (22%/--)

Air to Air JK~Sky Drop (13%/--)


Anti-Air NJP>...B21>B11~Trance, Combo Ender 1 (34%/--)
Note: Mostly used to stop cross-up JIP attempts.

Anti-Air D1>Trance, Combo Ender 2 (33%/--)
Note: Tough to land--I prefer the next two combos for AA.

Anti-Air 1>112~Trance, Combo Ender 1 (25%/--)

Anti-Air B1~Trance, Combo Ender 2 (32%/--)
Note: This is something new that I have been using as AA--let me know what you think!

Deep Jump Kick:

JK>D4~Trance, JIP, B21>112~Far Ground Blast (34%/--)

JK>F12~Trance Combo Ender 1 (30%/--)

Corner Only Combo:

B21, B21, B21, B11~Trance, Combo Ender 1 (43%/46%)
Note: The B3 1+2>Uppercut ender is nearly impossible to land. Any other Combo Ender 2 will work fine. The timing can be difficult--you'll know you're doing it correctly if the opponent almost goes behind you on the third B21.

General Combo Notes and Strategy

The dashes in Quans combos are usually very short--at first they can be difficult to time, but once you understand the timing of the dashes, it is not difficult to replicate consistently.

Using Quan is all about meter management--in his combos, you can replace normal trance with ES Trance to drain your opponents meter if you want stop them from breaking. Use this wisely, as a bar of meter is crucial to Quan and could have given you another round of Rune Trap.

Rune Trap is accomplished by being at advantage from Sky Drop, which forces your opponent to take a block string (usually 212). After the block string you cancel into ES Ground Burst, which is unblockable, which once again puts Quan at advantage, so you can dash and repeat the process. After Sky Drop, sometimes opponents will try to jump out of the trap, and there is a very small window to do so if you are using 212 as the block string (watch Mayo's 4th video for much info on this), so I will instead use 113 after the Sky Drop, and then switch to 212 after the first Rune. The advantage to this is if your oppenent is trying to jump out, therefore not holding block, the 113 will hit--if you are quick, you can instead do 112~Trance and reset the combo. If they are actually blocking, just do 113~ES Ground Blast and the trap has begun. It should be noted that if your opponent lets go of block after 11 and lets the 3 hit them that the ES Ground Burst will miss, this will not happen when using 212 as the block string.
Not that anyone in the Quan Chi forums actually need this information, but I'm thinking of adding a couple of sections:

Swag Combos
Character Specific Punishment Guide

I think I remember a cool combo thread or something, so I'll look that up and add any entries. Please let me know if you guys would like to see anything else added!

I'm going to start on the Punishment Guide tonight--I'll include frame data and practical set ups (for example, I use F12~Trance to punish Mileena's ball roll because of how easy it hits).


Lord of the Sick
Full punishment guide and other combo setups would be a worthy addition for sure! some of the main characters for the punishment guide could be reptile and mileena, etc.


Lord of the Sick
another suggestion would be a list of trades with trance that allows you to use skeletal boost, liu kangs fireball, sindels fireball, etc. for example


Master of Quanculations
Situational Combos
Air to Air:

Air to Air JP>F12~Trance, Combo Ender 2 (20%/--)
Note: The spacing is weird on this one--you may want to delay the JIP in Combo Ender 2, so that it crosses up the opponent, or jump back once after the trance and then JIP to ensure you land in front of them.

This combo needs to be updated. :)

Air to Air JP >F1~Trance, Jp B2 1, 1 1 2 Mid Rune (24%/--)


I am having a lot of trouble with his far rune trap. medium comes out alot and im 100% sure im imputing the directions correctly. very odd. any advice? i mean, even just throwing it out there without a combo is difficult haha keeps giving me mid.

fr stack

Noob's saibot or noob saibot's?
I am having a lot of trouble with his far rune trap. medium comes out alot and im 100% sure im imputing the directions correctly. very odd. any advice? i mean, even just throwing it out there without a combo is difficult haha keeps giving me mid.
i can probably help same happens with noobs in front portal , the 3 direction inputs are weird for mk 9 dont press db f+1 (dont know rune input ) do dbf 1 instead . hope this helps