PXP A F0xy Grampa wins Hypespotting VI

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By SneakyTortoise on Apr 16, 2017 at 5:15 PM
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    After a fantastic top 8, unsurprisingly, @A F0xy Grampa stood victorious.

    This was to be the last European major before the release of Injustice 2, and, in my opinion, we couldn't have asked for a much better send-off. There was a $5,000 pot bonus on the line (generously donated by NRS and WB studios), and we had some incredible matches:

    Madzin brought the hype with Lasher Takeda.
    RazoR had a phenomenal showing in his first offline major, eliminating Tekken Master (3-1), claiming a very rare scalp indeed! He certainly takes my pick for MVP of the tournament.
    We had IrishMantis hijacking the commentary station to pop off on behalf of RazoR and online warriors everywhere.
    And the tournament ended in a classic Madzin vs F0xy grand finals, with a reset that had everyone on the edge of their seats, anticipating shades of VSF4.

    The results were:
    1st - PxP | A F0xy Grampa
    2nd - Madzin
    3rd - RazoR
    4th - NASR | Tekken Master
    5th - Paria | LordSpinal
    5th - IrishMantis
    7th - cE GK | Youphemism
    7th - Durpey

    Congratulations to the top 8 for putting on a great show, and especially to F0xy for, once again, proving his dominance.

    You can find the archive for top 8 on VersusScotland's Twitch page here

    From left to right: Durpey, Razor, LordSpinal, IrishMantis, Youphemism, A F0xy Grampa, Madzin
    Credit to Nausea for the picture
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Discussion in 'World Tournaments & Events' started by SneakyTortoise, Apr 16, 2017.

    1. 24K
      Somewhat true. So I don't bother with places that have spoilers running rampant. But this is a case where we can do something. And it doesn't even boil down to saying or doing anything about it on the part of the site visitors. But simply having the people posting up new threads not put the spoiler in the title. If i opened a thread that I knew contained spoilers, then that is on me. If I am just moving through a site that covers many things I want to be a part of, and there is a spoiler in the thread title, then that is on the thread starter.

      It just comes down to decency and nothing else.
    2. CrazyFingers
      Bro. It's a fucking spoiler in a title. Get off your high horse.
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    3. LaidbackOne
      "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing. " You guys can't take this seriously. Obvious troll is obvious.
    4. 24K
      Dude, no.
      You don't need the bad language. And I am not on a high horse. The person putting spoilers in titles would be the one on the high horse. I am looking up at them asking them to simply not be on their high horse and leave the spoilers out.

      You guys can rant all you want about. It wont change things. Somebody has to be vocal about it if there is ever going to be a change. And as I have previously said most of the people who would like the spoilers gone wont say anything because they get dumped on for bringing it up. And the people who are vocal about it, as in the ones who say spoilers don't bother them, will always be the loudest douche bags. It hurts no body taking the spoilers away. Pure logic shows the answer is o leave them out. So putting them in is just a spiteful thing to do.
    5. CrazyFingers
      Now you're just stating things without any proof to back it up. Go look at Indecisive's thread on the subject. It is quite clearly shown you're in a small minority.
    6. Indecisive
      Actually the thread i made was very civil with people voicing their opinion and nobody shitting on anyone else. I was happy and surprised.
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    7. KingHippo
      Literally crying at this.

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    8. 24K
      What I was saying is that the majority of the people who don't want spoilers wont bother speaking up about it in fear of getting shat on.
      Saying I am in the small minority is proving my point. We are the small minority. But the majority of the people who posted there said they don't care. a few said some things about it making them go watch events. But the counter point is also true. A lot of people wont watch the events because of spoilers.

      And I said in fear of getting shat on. Not that there was anybody doing the shitting. If you feel the outcome will be the same then that's the way you feel and people wont bother getting involved. Same as voting for a president. A lot of people don't bother voting because they expect a certain out come.

      But from what I saw in the thread, it still seems not having spoilers in the titles is the way to go. The amount of people that wanted them there is out shadow by the few that said no and the ones that said they don't care.

      So the thread proves the point I have been making the only people who want the spoilers are the negative people who don't care about the others and have some ridiculous comments about how people shouldn't expect the world to bend to their will. Which is basically them saying we must suck it up because the world has to bend to their will.

      It doesn't change anything. Having spoilers is bad for the people who don't want them. Not having spoilers isn't bad for anybody. If you are one of the people who have negative things to say about something so blatantly obvious its just a sign of your character. You are simply saying screw the others, lets have spoilers because we have the power to screw the others.

      It is super unfortunate that this is something that has to be discussed online. Because its hard to get a valid intelligent point across, to open peoples minds a bit to see how ridiculous they are being simply for the sake of being contrary.

      I find it hard to understand how something as simple, and as repeated as often as it is, as "Spoilers are bad for a lot of people, and no spoilers are bad for nobody", is so hard to grasp. I expected a higher level of understanding. But you will be who you will be. And I will bring this up whenever I bring this up.
    9. Rude

      1) Clicking a couple extra buttons on your phone or PC is not "back-breaking and hoop jumping." What you mean to really say is that you can't be bothered to avoid something you don't want to see and instead expect the site to cater to your selfish want. That does not make you some crusader for justice. It makes you an entitled asshole.

      2) Shut the fuck up.

      Fuck, this place is obnoxious.
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    10. 24K

      1) No, it doesn't make me a crusader for justice. It makes me one of the few trying to fix something so ridiculous as having spoilers because they are everywhere. They aren't necessary and having people just lay down and give up because they are everywhere is lame. Why can't we have a place free of them. All it takes is people posting threads not putting the spoiler in the title. Put it in the thread, nothing wrong with that. Pushing a spoiler on unsuspecting people is the issue. And no again, that isn't what I mean to say. What I said was an exaggeration, sorry of you couldn't pick that out of what I typed. It has a lot to do with what else I have said about not being able to convey what people mean when they are typing because others will read it in the tone they fell fits it. The point I was making is that nobody should have to have silly links to all the different pages of the forum to try and avoid something. Why make it such a thing and force others to work around it when the easiest solution is for thread posters to just not be dicks. And having those links doesn't help with anything if the thread with spoilers for an MKX tournament gets posted in the Injustice pages. But if that spoiler wasn't in the title, then there wouldn't have even been a need for a bunch of ridiculous links in the first place.

      2) No. Chill with the infantile language.

      This place is great. There are many things people disagree on and that's life. It could just be a better place. I don't like bitching about spoilers. And all you that complain about me bitching can deal with your own issues that make you so aggressive. You get so worked up to fight against a rather pleasant change. No spoilers will clearly make things nicer around here. To fight against that would just be a negative thing from negative people. You have to be ugly inside to want to do something spiteful to others.

      I have said my peace for now. No need to keep flogging the dead horse until the next spoiled thread.

      I would like to ask where I can get dates and names of upcoming tournaments. I know the Kombat Kup was running weekly. But I don't know when other tournaments are happening. So often I would wait to see them mentioned here, with a spoiler free thread title back in the day, and then I would go watch the event before coming back and reading through the thread.
    11. hkriderz
      Ugh just shut up. 99% of the people here either don't care or want the spoilers in the title. Your paragraphs fall on deaf ears. Go complain about taxes or something worth complaining about.
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    12. 24K
      Haha, dude. I literally said I was not going to talk about it more in this thread. That was me shutting up. But you are correct, the majority don't care either way. Which why it is more logical to not have spoilers and make it good for everybody instead of having spoilers and making it good for nobody. And your negative attitude is another thing I was talking about. How can you be so aggressive towards a change that is a good thing. Sorry if it upsets you. I really am dude. I want everybody to be happy. So calm yourself man. Be chill.

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