PXP A F0xy Grampa and Nasr Tekken Master Advance to the ELEAGUE Playoffs

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by SneakyTortoise, Nov 4, 2017.

By SneakyTortoise on Nov 4, 2017 at 5:37 AM
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    After, yet another, insane ELEAGUE tournament, 2 men stood victorious. Nasr Tekken Master took out some of the best players in the world, including Semiij and Hayatei, to make it out in the Winner's side of the bracket. PXP A F0xy Grampa was sent to the loser's side in round one, and then fought all the way back, eliminating elite players such as Theo, Semiij and Hayatei, to make it out in Loser's. The bracket will now be reset though, moving on to the World Championship playoffs.

    The playoffs will take place next weekend (10th of November, 10 PM ET), where F0xy and Tekken Master will meet ALG Dragon and Forever King. These four competitors will fight harder than they've ever fought before, and only 1 will be crowned World Champion.

    You can see how last night played out below:

    And thank you to ELEAGUE and all the competitors involved for putting on one hell of a show.

    Full Results:
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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by SneakyTortoise, Nov 4, 2017.

    1. KHTC Takgillo
      KHTC Takgillo
      Kudos to Hayatei idk how he does it
    2. JBeezYBabY
      Something was off about Semiij. I dunno if it was the nerves that got to him, but i dont think he was playing his best. Hayatei was being Hayatei. He was fucking awesome and he got soooo close to sliding thru playoffs. Something about a true character loyalist that keeps me inspired to play that character. That person does not givAfuck about matchups, but how can he improve his game to be that greater to overcome bad matchups. THAT right there is inspiration and THATs how the game should be played! Hayatei gets the MVP of the night.
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    3. STORMS
    4. SneakyTortoise
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    5. IrishMantis
      I like the balance of of 2 NA and 2 Imternational
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    6. Skedar70
      Anybody still want to deny Batman is #1 and broken after last nights eleague group B. Just STFU.
    7. omooba
      ... bruuuuh

      anyways those games were soooo hype!!! those flash players might have single handedly revived injustice for me
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    8. South
      I didn't watch group B but the "Batman witch hunt" has got to stop just say "congratulations or good shit" and keep it moving
    9. JJvercetti
      Congrats to Tekken Master and F0xy. The only thing I am worried about is if the playoffs is going to have a true double elimlination format in the case where there will be a bracket reset in the grand finals or is it going to play out like the Eleague Street Fighter tournament where being in the winners side of grand finals only gave you one extra point in a best of format.
    10. Vigilante24
      So basically Dragon and King need to hold it down for us or America will never hear the end of it lol.
    11. A F0xy Grampa
      A F0xy Grampa
      Please explain why Hayatei picked batman in evo top 8?

      Your ideas of character loyalty are flawed. You respect him for playing Robin, but don't also criticise him for also only playin Robin. He knows what's he's putting himself in for. Its like his biggest strength is also his biggest weakness.

      Same logic as why I'm not playing Deadshot into Catwoman.

      I never feel outplayed when I lose to a CW with Deadshot.

      Would you watch something like overwatch and complain when somebody switches characters to counter an opponent? Don't bring a knife to a gun fight
    12. NothingPersonal
      Your Batman's on point bro.
    13. JBeezYBabY
      Really? REALLY? HA! Oh Mr. Grandpa, I can't speak on why the man chose Batman in Evo. Hmmmm....maybe because the same reason why YOU chose Batman in Eleague perhaps ?Question mark? Don't know. Don't care. That was then. This is now.

      I don't know why I should be criticizing him for sticking with one character. If anything, thats a fucking accomplishment I WISH I could do in this game. And you're right on the "Its like his biggest strength is also his biggest weakness." But isn't that the goal to know those weaknesses of a character to learn how to overcome them? It's so easy to just throw away a character because of bad matchups, especially in this game. But to see somebody come on top to nearly win using only 1 is inspiration to me to do the same. Thats all.
    14. CrimsonShadow
      Somehow people will blame Supergirl for this anyway :p

      Congrats to everybody who made it -- this was one of the most talent-dense fields I've seen for a tournament in our scene, and making it through is a big accomplishment.

      Also props to Foxy for playing out of his mind, and showcasing some of the strongest Injustice fundamentals + meta preparedness I've seen to date.
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    15. JBeezYBabY

      STOP IT NOW!! hahahah
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    16. omooba
      as a viewer you want to see someone play a character they love and over come the character's weaknesses in a tournament not switch out to avoid dealing with it. switching to a better match up is the smart thing to do but not what most viewers want to see.
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    17. JBeezYBabY
      ALL OF THIS! So Righteous! ;)
    18. A F0xy Grampa
      A F0xy Grampa
      I'm not playing for you, or the viewer, if you want that, go give the viewers it yourself.

      You've seen me overcome the Catwoman match with Deadshot before, how many times would I have to do this to appease the faceless stream monsters? I don't 'love' any character in this game because I'm not a DC fan, so that whole idea is just thrown straight out of the window.

      What I do love though, is harvesting the salt from viewers and players alike, and apparently I've become adept at it.

      I'm not lying when I'm saying I'm a soulless competitor, one of the worst you can come up against, along similar lines to the way Tekken Master and Sonic function.
    19. STORMS
      I love how there's argument about the characters being used, LOL.

      One of the most entertaining matches IMO was Hayatei vs THEO.

      f0xy's Batman was on another level... I didn't expect it from him but it was great to see.

      I'm also SUPER surprised there's no Echo Fox member left... wow.

      The real question? Who can beat Dragon.
    20. omooba
      pretty sure this conversation was about commending someone for being a character loyalist rather than condemming them NOT whether or not you're playing for the viewers. If a good player decides to give the viewers what we want we will commend him for it...

      and for the record for most of mkx's life you were my favorite player to watch and it wasn't cus i thought you were a character loyalist.
    21. untitledsix
      It's the same patch as when everybody was using Deadshot sooooo....
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    22. That__John__Guy
      As a scrub who has been watching the NRS tournament scene since MK9 days, I cannot express enough how thrilled I am to see so much attention being paid to this sport. Group B was awesome!! So many down-to-the-wire matches.

      Congrats to @A F0xy Grampa and Tekkenmaster for making it to the top 4! The reverse 3 from TM was amazing, and going through the brutal grind with Foxy was something else.

      To @hayatei semiij and @EMPEROR_THEO you have all contributed to an outstanding season! You are all inspirational titans of the game. Particularly for character loyalists! I think anyone who has paid attention to this season knows that "any given Sunday" one of you could have been in the top 4. So many nail-biting games!

      Not that anyone cares, but there is no doubt in my mind that the trio who should be doing the direct commentary for the World Championship should be: KitanaPrime @16 Bit and @DarthArma

      The ones doing the meta-commentary should be @UltraDavid Mustard @Ketchup & @Pig Of The Hut
    23. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      I really wish @HappyPow would've move on to the Playoffs, i was rooting for him and he played out of his mind! He got some of the hypest moments in the whole event, if he would've made it then it will be amazing. He still did an excellent job though, hope that he will win next time.

      Huge kudos to both @A F0xy Grampa and Tekken Master for moving on to the playoffs, you guys deserve it. I'm happy that even at least my other 2 picks to win did just that.

      The playoffs next week are gonna be awesome, the entire Group B event was excellent and the playoffs are sure to be just that as well.
    24. Espionage
      I really liked the matches. I was also a fan of the commentary as well. Rip, Steve, Sajam, Ultradavid, Kitana Prime all did really well. Whilst Zhi was not the best he actually has a good sense of humour.

      Also it was really nice to have commentators actually use correct terms like 'punished on the landing frames' instead of misusing the term 'Trip guard' which K&M and Mr Aquaman misuse over and over and over again.

      Trip guard wasn't said once during eleague which was nice cause admittedly it makes me cringe everytime I hear it used wrong.

      The man who invented the term James Chen has told people in the FGC what a trip guard is yet people are just stubborn and keep saying tripguard when you are punished on the landing FRAMES when that's not what a trip guard is.

      However I think people like Kitana Prime actually took it on and acknowledged it which in my opinion made him the best NRS Commentator because he adapted.

      Heck I love 16 bit but even he was misusing the word trip guard at IPS Finals despite his amazing commentary which I find so annoying.

      My gripe is people in the NRS scene got to get the terms right!

      I hope they do change it as it's my only gripe with NRS Commentators in general. I even hate it when Capcom commentators do it which they do it too and it's so cringe!

      TL DR: NRS Commentators make sure you know your fighting game terminologies.

      Congrats to A F0xy Grampa and Tekken Master for qualifying for playoffs. I loved F0xy's Batman and Deadshot. Loved Tekken Master's comeback matches.

      I liked the commentary at Eleague especially Sajam, Kitana Prime, and Tasty Steve! I look forward to the playoffs!
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