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Guide Punishing with Quan Chi

How many chakras does Quan have?

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ETC AdmiralAugustus

Grabble Frazzled
So, I know most you know what to use when punishing your opponent (UPPERCUT THAT SHIT!!!!), but I thought it'd be nice for new and old players to have a written down guide on what to punish with and when with Quan Chi. So here we go.

A Perfect Legend
1 - square/x (ps3/xbox, respectively)
2 - triangle/y
3 - x/a
4- circle/b

b - back
f - forward
u - up
d - down

+ - input buttons at the same time

If you...

block a spin:
1,1,2 > full combo
b+1,1 > full combo
b+2,1 > full combo
b3, 1+2 > full combo

*I'll update this further when I get on my PS3.