PS Vita: Exclusive MK9 Costumes Trailer

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    STORMS Owner / Director

    For those eagerly awaiting to see more of the alternate costumes for Mortal Kombat 9 on the Playstation Vita, today over at they have a surprise for you. They have a short, but sweet :52 second Vita Exclusive costumes trailer that features the following skins: Smoke UMK3, Ermac UMK3, Noob UMK3, Rain UMK3, Sub-Zero Masked UMK3, Reptile UMK3, Scorpion MK2, Reptile MK2, Kenshi's Vita Alternate, Ermac MK2, Sub-Zero MK2 and Scorpion UMK3.

    If you weren't getting the Vita before, is your mind changed a bit now?

    Check out the trailer HERE!
    YT Version thanks to C-Sword

    Credits: Noob+Saibot via TRMK
  2. PND_Ketchup

    PND_Ketchup "More deadly than the dawn"
    News Editor Official ESL Gaming

    Can't help but be mad salty the console isn't going to get these.
  3. DownfouralitY

    DownfouralitY buff erron
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    Is NRS fucking (soap bar in my mouth)? I'm asking this as a serious question.
  4. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Go ninja, go ninja, go ninja go go go go
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  5. MagicMan357

    MagicMan357 Black Dragon enthusiast

    Are they serious? Fucking ninjas man i swear, how about classic kano or liu kang?

    but the console isnt getting this i guess so aye :(
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  6. ManjoumeThunder

    ManjoumeThunder Just a mark

    This is cool and all, but what about characters with just the default 2 costumes? Or Skarlet?
    Freddy? (I think it'd be hilarious if they made a Shredder costume for Freddy)
  7. Roko1985

    Roko1985 Put down the controller and run!

    If is only eexclusive for PS Vita, i have to say it: ''FUCK YOU NRS!''
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  8. Roko1985

    Roko1985 Put down the controller and run!

    If is not, i apologise!
  9. Matix218

    Matix218 D4, D4, D4, D4

    I got my vita on Saturday, can't wait for this!!!
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  10. STORMS

    STORMS Owner / Director

    Look here. This video shows 12 out of 15, if I recall correctly. So that leaves Skarlet, Mileena's 3rd and ?
  11. Verstande

    Verstande Noob

    ermac looks so sexy
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  12. RapZiLLa54

    RapZiLLa54 Monster Island Tournaments
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    Exlusive???????? No........ I need those Reptile costumes.
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  13. miloPKL


    fucking hell vita exclusive? nothing is gonna make me buy that piece of shit. release them on console nrs you fuckheads.
  14. 1man3letters

    1man3letters Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
    Moderator Premium Supporter

    port to consoles or GTFO



    UMK3 Scorpion
    UMK3 Masked Sub-Zero
    UMK3 Reptile
    UMK3 Ermac
    UMK3 Smoke
    UMK3 Noob Saibot
    UMK3 Rain
    MK2 Scorpion}
    MK2 Reptile}
    MK2 Mileena
    Kenshi Costume 2
    Skarlet unspecified alt costume

    And that's 13 of the 16 Hector said there will be, hmm..

    Want them? Do what Konqrr is doing.
    Buy a Vita.

    On a more professional note, I do think there should be a way to transfer them over to the PS3 version for anyone who has both.
  16. Matix218

    Matix218 D4, D4, D4, D4

    So is anyone else getting a Vita? I need to know if I will have online sparring partners from tym. Maybe the vita netcode will be awesome and way less laggy (here's to hoping)!
  17. GambitTheFirst

    GambitTheFirst Just some bees, please.

    Well Skarlet definitely has one because one of the trophies is "Unlock Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain's alternates". Doesn't look like Freddy will get one from that then, not sure what it would be though. Skarlet's best be MK2 >=[

    Is that freaking MK2 Ermac in there? Wtf? He's not in MK2 at all. (Before I get a reply about Mk1 Ermac or MK3 CSZ, Ermac was rumoured secret in MK1 and CSZ replaced Smoke so those make some sense at least). Pretty stupid imo.

    UMK3 Scorp, Sub, Reptile, Ermac, Smoke, Noob, Rain
    MK2 Scorp, Sub, Reptile, Ermac (?!), Mileena
    Kenshi, Skarlet

    EDIT: Ninja'd by STRYKIE Arg fucking Ninjas!!!

    and 2 others? So small chance of Freddy alt. Iduno, but just a bit disappointed that it's all ninjas pretty much. They took the time to do a real alt for Kenshi so why not others =[

    Then again, currently looking unlikely to come to non-handheld consoles so I guess I shouldn't care that much. But if we do get them... fuck it I'm picking up Reptile and Mileena again, and probably Rain as well, UMK3's do look awesome!
  18. Espio

    Espio Defensive Specialist
    Lead Moderator

    Those costumes are cool...too bad they're exclusive to Vita, NRS misses out on a chance to make a fat payout on the consoles....oh well I keep my money:coffee:.
  19. AK TylerLantern

    AK TylerLantern POWER OF FEAR

    Its seriously a shame that the console versions do not get these costumes. I don't know if I can justify buying a Vita just for one game, but I probably will anyways, especially if I can play online using it.
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  20. Rathalos

    Rathalos Play Monster Hunter!
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    Sony has a policy that if you port a game to there platform late, like bioshock and ME2 to PS3, that the port needs extra exclusive content, this is for PS3 though, but I doubt its much different for PSV.

    The exclusive content on SFxT vita is coming to consoles eventually, so there is hope maybe. Then again that is such a weird money hat situation that I don't know.
  21. DownfouralitY

    DownfouralitY buff erron
    Premium Supporter

    I'm just saying they sound (soap bar in my mouth) in this situation. They would make tons of more money if they ported them to consoles.


    There's an MK2 costume for Ermac? Why?!

    Actually, if this means NRS are trying to make Ermac the worthless poster boy(s?) of MK marketing instead of Scorpion, then uh, yeah, I'm cool with that.
  23. Matix218

    Matix218 D4, D4, D4, D4

    Buy it!!! (so i can have more high level players to play with lol).

    Honestly I was not going to buy one (at least for a while) either but I was cleaning out my room and I found like 8 PS3 games that I had not played in over a year and my old Ipod touch that I have not touched since I got my new smartphone so I went to gamestop and traded all of that in and got $150 of store credit. So I only paid $100 for the Vita out of my pocket (i got the Wifi only one, not the $300 3G version).

    Now that I have it though I am so excited for portable MK9, especially with the new costumes they just showed on this video!
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  24. BenGmanUk

    BenGmanUk Get staffed bro

    It will be interesting to see how the net code works considering everyone will be wireless.
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  25. Grayx7

    Grayx7 Noob

    HaHaHOOOooo YES!!! This is funny because in MK9...Ermac claims he is many people...even though he is only one kharakter...So you were konfused on whether or not to kall him a "kharakter" or "kharakters"...! I see what you did there...Ha~ha~hoooo.....

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