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Props to Possibly thee best WoWo right now


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This is a post of appreciation to quite possibly the best Wonder Woman doing s*** right now. @Drizzle or Lolligagger for those of you that play on PSN, has been coming up a lot lately in MU discussions when it comes to Wonder Woman. A lot of people have been throwing his name out there like crazy because of how nasty his Wonder Woman is and there are some players who just don't quite uunderstand how great this dude's WoWo really is. My personal experience, we usually go back and forth.... until last week sometime he just absolutely bodied me. The salt was INSANELY real at how outplayed I got. After I emptied the salt shaker I had to compliment this dude, because not only is his Wonder Woman nasty, his block game online is even crazier. For those of you who don't know I play the Joker which has just frame vortex situations that can easily make you salty and this F***ing guy shrugs its off his shoulders and straight says, "Vengeance, we play alot bro but today is the day I'm going to make you free af" (he didn't really say that but he should've) and man is it true. This dude is thee most underrated player on TYM. Some know his Wonder Womans wrath, while others have yet to feel it. TYM please feel free to share your experience with the "Foxy" or "Filipino Man" of PSN or show this dude some love because he's been getting downplayed hella. Btw I lost so bad the last FT10 WE PLAYED because his Wonder Woman wore the #600 and regime skins. I can't stop watching that graceful woman best my ass when she's wearing dem jeans. It's a distraction :joker:

Lol but seriously everybody that has played Drizzy show him some love because the downplaying on him is pretty real from what I have been seeing. Keep up the good work bro.

and at anybody I've missed.

Also show @Filipino Man mad love for all that he's accomplished with WoWo. I thought he retired so I didn't mention him. I apologize good sir and congratulations on all your accomplishments with Wonder Woman.
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Every time I played him there's always some crazy new setup with ia dive or a cross up or some other bs. Easily the best wonder woman I've ever played and I'm happy that I can go decently even now. Holy Christ he is good.


Kaz...... I'm already a Fiddle.
@Vengeance135 Where's my thread :DOGE But on a serious note without playing Drizzles help the ww mu would be really tough for me and I'd be salting out hard thanks for helping me out bro.