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Progress log 1

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
Just wanted to say that i'm pretty happy with where i think this character sits right now, yet again NRS delivered and somehow they made a Skarlet that can still bond 100% with my playstyle and have fun with it, i feel like there is a lot to learn and even if my time is so little every single time i touch in the game i find new things to explore, weaknesses to erase and MUs to learn, the video below its just a mix of progression rate, the ones with lots of movement canceling are the most recent ones and the direction i'm deciding to take this character in.

A very special thanks to @SaltShaker without him i wouldn't be playing this game since the release day, so he is my hero.

Shootouts to all the Errons and Scorpion players out there on ranked who shows up all the time