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Question Problems with landing attacks (specials mainly)

Ok hello,

I'm a new member, I've registered maybe a month ago, but I've been only reading stuff until now. Let me first say a few things about my MK experience. I'm completely new to MK and to fighting games in general. I own a PC only, so I've bought MK complete edition on steam. First of all, it saddens me that pc players get those games so late, if we get them at all.

So to my big dissapointment, when I got here, I noticed straight away that MK is nearly dead now and majority of people only plays Injustice. I plan on getting injustice too, but it hasn't even been released for a pc so I'll have to wait. Ok, enough of offtopic and lets get to the point.

As my status says, sub is my main character and I really love him even though he's low tier, slow and all thet bs. I just can't resist his freezing game, especially ice clones and his corner game. I think that makes him one of the most fun characters to play in this game, and he doesn't seem very hard neither, if not played on a pro level like brady or any other pro player off course.

I have a lot of questions about subby's game though, and I've also been able to find some answers to my questions on this forum already. I have to say that you guys really go in all the smallest details and that's great. I must admit that I hate numbers, so I really suck at knowing the frame data and other similar mathematic stuff, but I'd say I'm at least mediocre player on a good day. I know all the basic stuff and all the useful safe combos that for example brady uses, and I don't even bother with the hardest ones cause I don't feel them being very useful in online games.

But I feel my biggest problem is droping combos all the time and a lot of times not even being able to pull specials of. For example: I do try to do standard mid screen combo with JIP, 22-ice ball and then continue with the standard string. I'm rarely able to do so because I miss half of my inputs.

And the strangest thing about this is, that most of the time I'm sure, that I've made all my inputs correctly. I own a xbox 360 controller, I've heard that people have big problems with the d-pad. But I've already modded it with so-called "pringles mod", and I've seen some improvement, but half of my specials still miss. Lol sometimes it seems to me that have problems with the most basic stuff as dashing.

I use analog stick for jumping because it seems easier so and I've gotten used to it. Not to mention ex specials which are complete pain in the butt and sometimes I just can't hit any.

This is even far worse with my second character sektor, I can't even get his back and front missiles out, it's really embarassing.

Theremight be something wrong my pad, but I also question myself, which would be the correct way to do specials. Take sub's ice clone for example: Should I press down and then back and then 1,
Or should I just kinda slide my finger from down to back. I hope you understand what I mean. Don't get me wrong, both methods work for me, but I can't get to figure out which is safer and would whiff less. I also have problems with getting my ice clone out after a tech delayed tech roll.

How do you do a delayed tech roll? Do you press back after holding down or is it possible to do it any other way? It's extremely hard for me to do a clone afterwards, most of the time I just whiff it and nothing happens, I try to slide my fingers from down to back as fast as possible, but it seems my pad just doesn't recognize my motions.

As I said it before, those problems still aren't bad enough to break my sub zero play, but they make my sektor play even worse and I'm thinking of giving up on sektor which is imo much harder char to play than subby.

Should I maybe consider buying me an alternate gamepad, what would you advise me to do?

Thank you for answers and I apologize for maybe posting in a wrong thread or anything like that. I'm completely new to the forum, so please bare with me a bit :)