Pro Series Gaming 2018: Kenyan MKXL Championship

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By HellblazerHawkman on Apr 15, 2018 at 3:37 PM
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    When you think about the NRS scene, odds are you are thinking of people from the U.S. If you are a bit more learned, you might be able to list off a few guys from the rest of the Americans with a few Europeans thrown into the mix. But did you know that there was a bustling NRS scene over in Africa?

    Browsing for something to throw up on TYM today, this caught my eye after seeing some recent discussions on Twitter from players a little disappointed that IPS Season 2 isn't haven't any qualifiers in the Eastern Hemisphere. Beyond Tekken Master, are there really that many players in that part of the world? Apparently so, enough that they can rent out theater space for an annual MKX tournament in Kenya.

    Pro Series Gaming, from what I have found, is a Kenyan based MLG-esque company whose goal is to set up an African E-sports scene. They offer pretty awesome prize pools and deliver the same quality experience you'd see at CEO or Combo Breaker, just not in the U.S. It seems like they run a lot of games, this MKXL tourney was just one of their more recent ones. This is their main site here if you want to see more about what they do.

    As for this MKXL tourney, check it out at this link here. It's the full four hour stream, so there are a ton of matches to check out from players you probably haven't heard of. Let's try and show these guys some support! Frankly, I think it's cool as hell that there's a dedicated NRS scene like this on the other side of the world, and these guys deserve some love: follow them on Twitter and Facebook to see when their next event is going down. Here's hoping we can see some of these dudes play stateside someday!
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by HellblazerHawkman, Apr 15, 2018.

    1. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Wow that's really awesome to see that there is such a dedicated NRS scene there. Great stuff.

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