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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by Deep33, Oct 6, 2018.

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    So, I was watching the last Destroyer’s Invitational MKX tourny and there were many comments about “NECROS”, ie, guys who never stopped grinding the game they love to play even after it had died according to the ‘pros”. It is possible that these “pros” are butthurt when they lose 10 to 1, 20 to 1 against some of these guys who continued to play the game.

    Let me explain something to you “PROs:

    1) YOU don’t get to decide when a game dies. You are not that high and mighty. I can agree with a game dying because a sequel was released. For instance, MKX dying because MK11 came out or Tekken 6 dying because Tekken 7 was released. But, the game should die because a completely different game (Injustice 2) was released by the the same developer? No, there’s no such thing. For instance, even when inj 2 was its peak, MKX online rooms had the same number of players or more. Currently, it has 2 to 3 times the number of players Inj 2 has in any of the online rooms on ps4 and pc

    2) A lotta players who are way better than you “pros” just don’t sign up for tournys. So, don’t think too high of yourself. You DO NOT represent the cream of the crop in a game. When I used to play Tekken 6 and SFIV at the tournys (years ago), the best players were the ones who never showed up at the tournys. One of the guys that contributed the most to my learning was on a fking wheelchair, a disabled vet. Obviously, he had no intention of getting on a flight and showing up on the other side of the country for a fking tournament, though he would’ve buried every guy who showed up at the tournys. There are many others i’ve known over the years who could body all the pros I known over the years, but, just don’t show up at tournys due to plain life circumstance.

    So, lets be clear, a group of dudes who get together, form their own pathetic li’l circle and call themselves “pros” really don’t get to decide if a game lives or dies and who’s a fking “NECRO” or not. Make your stupid buck , talk yourself up for petty confidence and move on li’l dudes.
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    1. relating to or connected with a profession.
      "young professional people"
      synonyms: white-collar, nonmanual
      "people in professional occupations"
      antonyms: blue-collar
    2. (of a person) engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.
      "a professional boxer"
      synonyms: paid, salaried
      "a professional rugby player"

    Being a pro isnt determined by some random "clique" culture, if you're actually a pro you're making money and earned it. Also to say top players in some games arent "The cream of the crop" is highly disrespectful to the ones that really are the cream of the crop. They didnt decide the game was dead, the game just died because everyone stopped playing it. Your disdain for the top players going to tournies and getting paid sounds more like jealousy rather than genuine criticism. People still play less populated games, that just happens as a result of tastes/interests differing from person to person, not everyone is a competitor so the money is the last thing on their mind.

    In short, who gives a shit? Just play what you want to play, you getting butthurt about someone else getting butthurt is the equivalent of getting mad when someone's opinion differs from yours, relax.
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    Much rage, but one valid point.
    Yeah. Online MKX community is still alive, people are playing and grinding it till this day. Calling those guys necros, only because money switched elsewhere is kinda disrespectful. MKX is far away from being dead.

    But point about tournaments has no sense. "Pros" are travelling and providing proof of their skill in the most meaningful way - offline tournaments. If someone at the same time stays at home - no matter reason and how good this person is - he can be said to be better than them.
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    Havent been on this site in AWHILE but ill just say:
    1) mkx has no tournaments on or offline, i only see numbers when the russian players are streaming. Competitively the game is dead. Casually maybe not.

    2) the "if so and so player signed up they would mop u" excuse doesnt fly. These arent new players, ive seen/played them all during the time mkx was our main game. If u dont sign up for events on or offline thats YOUR fault. We had to prove ourselves, so do they any everyone else. Also yes the top players are the cream of the crop. They grind and get the results.

    3) you sound pretty mad, it aint that serious. If they want to make a name for themselves or shut people up they will have the chance in mk11.. stop being soft, its the fgc, shit talk will definitely happen.
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    Inj 2 has a 100k tournament next month? MKX has?

    Inj 2 had almost 1 mil in circuits in year 1. MKX had??

    Ninja, Sikander, Damaja, Unbearable, etc were all average during 2016-early 2017. It's fine that they dedicated themselves to a game everyone quit, but they're still not as good as Scar/Rewind/Xinok and with a week of training legit any old "pro" could mop them. I played for 30 minutes and 3-0'd all of them besides Ninja lol.
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    Avoiding tournaments is avoiding reality. I get that it's fun to never be humbled and to live in your own world, but no one will really care. Have fun thinking Ninjakilla could win majors or that Bruce Lee could beat Conor Mcgregor. Fantasies are a fun time.
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    Sorry don't mean to Necro bump this thread :rolleyes:....

    In anyway

    First off it's a fucking joke stop being so sensitive.

    The real problem is the players that haven't done shit during the game when it was active, play it non stop, beg the players who where doing good back when it was to active play, beat them then upload it on YouTube like that VLJ shitebag.

    Also I never heard anybody call themselves a "pro" so don't know who's arse you pulled that from.

    Because to be a pro you have to be able to make a living off this game and the only person who does that is SonicFox.

    It's OGs... again just fun.

    In anyway I digress.

    Get some thicker skin and just mop in the next game when it's active. Easy

    I'm going back to circle jerk some more xxx
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    Correction, they do represent the cream of the crop

    Beat them to prove otherwise where and when it matters, in competitive settings
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    Someone put this on scrubquotes
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    I beat the brakes off of vlj when he streamed sniped me and he didn't upload it. I can just imagine him angrily deleting the file of the recorded set when he doesn't win lol.
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    About the only good thing you ever did...
  16. CrazyFingers

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    Oof I'm sure he's really feeling that one while at the top of IPS points currently. You showed him
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    I would bury every single one of you "pros" in tournaments if stealing my opponent's pad is allowed, so don't think too highly of yourselves.
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    Tell em Braindead
  19. RVB

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    This ain't about points or who's makin' more money, it's about how certain people start dissing players after they lose fair and square. If Tweedy was better than Ninja at the time of the Destroyer tournament then he would have won. He wasn't and he lost... simple as that. Yet there's a certain disdain for players that still play and grind MKX in his post.
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    You made it about basically anything at all when you opened with such a vague passive aggressive jab, next time specify or you look dumb. See ya lol.
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    Can't a guy just take a jab at someone these days ?... I wanted to be more specific but I'm too lazy and I simply don't care enough to type shit about Tweedy.
    When you play Possesed Kenshi and you do empty jump in into armor in the neutral whatever your opinions are... they get invalidated!:D
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    I got necro’d and I’m fine with it.
    This is a natural process that happens with any NRS game.
  23. No one said that they decide when a game is dead. A game is usually considered dead when there are no offline tournaments featuring it.
    Also, why the fuck would you be butthurt about players calling other players 'necros' or whatever?
    Chill out dude, nobody cares. Rightfully so.
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    this thread really set off a lot of triggers huh lol
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