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"Prepare to be astounded!" - 20 minutes of Zatanna Combos/Set-Ups by EMPR_FEAR


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Okay, so all of these swaggy Zatanna combos and set-ups were created by my friend @EMPR_FEAR and some are really useful, so enjoy and let him know what you think! There are three sick videos for the magician - do you believe in magic? You will after watching...

All three videos combined almost hit twenty minutes total. From combos to set-ups, these videos have lots to offer!

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Man those flameball combos and that cross up standing 3 mixups were amazing. Now thats a magic show I would pay for :p


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Not sure if you guys noticed this but MB teleport in the air causes and instant drop to the ground but has a brief window for a j1 as you are falling. Is there any use for this that you know of that could be useful?