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Premier Tower Confusion?

So with them running the Premier Towers for each past DLC Kharacter over in a loop I was extremely happy because the last Crown and last Boot I needed to Komplete Sindel came from hers and I finally got them! Yay! :D But now I am totally confused because I still have one or two things of gear and a few skins for all of the other DLC characters that say it comes from their Premier Towers but no matter how many times they rotate, and I've Kompleted each one multiple times to see if they would show up as rewards, they do not... So what is going on? If it says the gear/skin comes from their Premier Tower, I'm doing their Premier Tower, but not getting the gear/skin... I'm totally confused... :confused:

Are their multiple Premier Towers for the other DLC's that are not in this rotation of Towers that I'm not aware of? :eek:


There are mutliple premier towers for each character. These on loop are just trials because it's a free weekend.
Oh, ok... I thought it must be something like that... Well at least I finally got what I have been waiting for forever with Sindel and that was the main thing I was hoping for anyway so I'm excited! LoL Thanks for the reply... :)