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Practical 100+% Bane Reset (FOUND BY SHIV123_)


Trust me, I'm a doctor
It's a bit old, but a fun one nonetheless.
I approve of it, if only because of swag. Still, if it requires 3 resets then it's a bit more impractical.

Now a 0-death off of a single touch? That's worth mentioning lol.


All too easy...
Yo new Bane threads? thats hype

Try this real quick, replace the F2D2 with F2D3, it is a hard knock down and still allows for cross up F3 in the corner but not sure if the weird spacing on the follow up will still work.

Then try replacing the body splash with a crossover J2, then land, then F3 to re cross over. If you use J2 instead of body splash you wont need to cancel into the F3 and can save yourself 2 bars although this also might not push them back into the fuego correctly
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