Post pictures of yourself in this topic.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by gsp1179, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. gsp1179

    gsp1179 Noob

    I'll post one eventually.

    Probably after I get a haircut, whenever that may be.

    EDIT: found an old one

  2. Well you first. You cant make one of these and not even be the first person :roll:
  3. gsp1179

    gsp1179 Noob

    I'll get around to it. Someone else get the ball rolling.
  4. Well My Avatar duh. So I went first.

  5. Bob Dole

    Bob Dole Noob

    much better pic.
  6. Yea I agree. Apparently I had Lipstick on in the first one >.>
  7. Bob Dole

    Bob Dole Noob

    yeah, i did'nt wanna say anything, but, i might have thought ,i was outa touch with what youngens are doing these days. :?
  8. I took it using my Girlfriend Cheap as Camera and the colors fuck up.
  9. gsp1179

    gsp1179 Noob

    Well, I thought it was pretty.
  10. Enigma

    Enigma Noob

    How can you start a thread on this and expect someone else to contribute first?
  11. What happened to your skin :eek: Why is it Green? :shock:
  12. too lazy to upload pics
  13. NinjaGrinder

    NinjaGrinder A living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat

    used to be my sig for a while. that's me holding a beer and my Dying Fetus concert ticket 8)

  14. [​IMG]

    I'm the one playing the guitar.. :)

    And if this makes it clearer...

  15. Kazlaz

    Kazlaz Noob

    my cousin has the same drum set as in that picture forgot what modle i got them to sound really nice with Ducktap they sound awsome

    but me my self has a pearl Session Maple : )

    i love that and my Dbass
  16. Kaz Post a Picture of you and your mom 8)
  17. Kazlaz

    Kazlaz Noob

    ill try lost the camera lol
  18. Yeah, it is pretty nice, except no floor tom. :(

    My guitar ont he other hand.. is flawless. Custom made neck, really thin Ibanez Body, custom pickups.. mwahaha.
  19. ZAQ

    ZAQ /r/Kappa Stonecutter

    wow dude, no wonder you have shades on, that much light could kill Dracula
  20. stick man

    stick man Noob

    i dare some one to go in that room and hold up a magnifying glass
  21. [​IMG]

    Or you could just look at my myspace.
  22. Ice Prince

    Ice Prince Noob

    The normal boy...

    and then during "special times".....haha
  23. TempesT

    TempesT Guest

  24. O Juggernaut 0

    O Juggernaut 0 Ambassador


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