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Post-patch combo thread

Ben Reed

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People have rightly complained that the stickied combo thread doesn't really have any current info in the OP (where it really should be), so here's a new thread for post-nerf combo routes. I will do my best to aggressively update this thread.

I'm mostly gonna focus on 0-1 bar routes that end either in hard knockdown or max damage, but if people want to contribute/help benchmark bounce cancel combos (more appealing now that DB2~MB is no longer the combo filler move) or combos that end in a setup (meaty/safejump or reset, also more appealing now that DB1~MB is back in fashion), I'm all ears. Here's what I have so far:

All combo damage tested on Superman with gear disabled and level equalized. Please stick to this standard if you have combos to contribute, unless the combo only works on certain characters.
(TODO: will edit the list to list max damage first, and include footnotes with enders that do less damage but grant hard knockdown, setup, etc)

Midscreen, 1 bar:
11~DB1~MB, d2, b3, j3, f2~1+3 == 324.26
d1~DB1~MB, d2, b3, j3, f2~1+3 == 306.14
f1~DB1~MB, d2, b3, j3, f2~1+3 == 287.63
b12~DB1~MB, d2, b3, j3, f2~1+3 == 324.26
22~DB1~MB, d2, b3, j3, f2~1+3 == 357.13
d2 (ground), 22~DB1~MB, 2, f2~1+3 == 250.35
d2 (air), b3, j3, 22~DB1~MB, f2~1+3 == 321.48
b2~DB1~MB, d2, b3, j3, f2~1+3 == 333.72
b2u3, 22~DB1~MB, f2~1+3 == 361.60
f3 or b3, b2u3, 22~DB1~MB, f2~1+3 == 413.95
j2, b2u3, 22~DB1~MB, f2~1+3 == 386.70
j2 (air), b3, j3, 22~DB1~MB, f2~1+3 == 412.86
j3, b12~DB1~MB, f2~1+3 == 320.49​

Corner, 1 bar:
f13, 2, 1, 1, b123~DB1~MB, f2~1+3 == 325.73
d2 (ground), 2, 2, 1, b123~DB1~MB, f2~1+3 == 273.90
d2 (air), f3, 2, 2, b123~DB1~MB, f2~1+3 == 308.67
f3, b2u3, walk, b123~DB1~MB, f2~1+3 == 419.41
j2 (ground), f13, 2, 1, 1, b123~DB1~MB, f2~1+3 == 356.20
j2 (air), d2, f3, 2, 2, b123~DB1~MB, f2~1+3 == 341.70​
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John Grizzly

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I was going to make this thread several days ago, but with how limited this character is now combo-wise, I didn't bother. I posted a bunch on the last page of the old thread that are worth adding.


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Embarassed to admit I can't do this combo yet. Have a lot of trouble just doing the one ending with 22~BF2. But I'll include it anyway.
No worries my dude. I've landed it twice. I think the trick is in the timing of the jump 3. It feels like it has to be late but not too late. I'm worried the scoop combos are necessary to play him, but they feel borderline impractical compared to the general difficulty of execution for other characters who get much more in terms of damage or set play potential for much less effort.


Any tips on how to time landing the D2 into B3 after the MB DB1? Can you guys get it consistently online? Bahhh i'm so trash at landing tight combos.


I like to hold up/back.
Any tips on how to time landing the D2 into B3 after the MB DB1? Can you guys get it consistently online? Bahhh i'm so trash at landing tight combos.
If u do b12 scoop at far range the d2 b3 is easier to land. When u scoop them point blank it's harder.


Not a great combo but for those having a hard time with execution b2u3~3~db2/bf2 does a decent amount of damage without risking dropping anything

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I offishially love aquaman

I find myself never actually getting a combo lol and just relying on trident rush chip.
I just played all night with Aquaman, I think I lost about 4 matches total... and had about 4 real combos from MBscoop total too. Aquaman doesn't have time for combos.