Possible cheating in the ESL Pathtopro final

Discussion in 'Injustice 2 ESL' started by Asodimazze, Sep 27, 2017.

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    I open this thread to talk you about the weird situation that took place during the ESL PathToPro Final, online tournament played on August 19th with 12k prize pool and 2 E-League spots for the top placers.
    This tournament wasn't open to everyone, only the 12 players who won one weekly PTP event (or took 2nd place, if the weekly winner was banned from the PTP final due to surpassing the 45 IPS point limit) were allowed to play. Here is the bracket: https://play.eslgaming.com/injustice/europe/ij2-ps4/major/path-to-pro-europe/finals/rankings/

    I have many reasons to believe that the player named Bambooka, who took 4th place, let another player play the tournament matches in his place. That player ID is Kingusha.

    The elements that lead me to this are the following:

    1) Kingusha and Bambooka both live in Moscow and know each other, this is confirmed by other russian players. They are not far from each other, so Kingusha could easily play the games from Bambooka house.

    2) Bambooka is a Superman - Aquaman player, and this can be verified by checking his Hero Card. Here are some pics of his profile taken on August 19th, that clearly shows who he mained up until that day:

    He is a Superman-Aquaman main, and further proof of that is the fact that during MFA 2017, offline tournament in Moscow that took place some weeks before the PTP final, he only used them. You can see him playing here :

    Now, during the Pathtopro finals he used Superman, Black Adam, Harley Quinn, Supergirl at a high level:

    Supergirl :
    Harley Quinn :
    Black Adam :
    Superman :
    According to his profile he never used any of the above characters except for Superman. How is that possible? Do I really have to believe that he trains with them using another account and never uses them on Bambooka?
    Also, all of the characters he showed, except Superman, lacked customization. This isn't proof of anything, but in my opinion is an ulterior element that leads to believe that he never used them. He customized Superman, who is his true main, but never touched the others...also his Adam was lv.1, while Supergirl and Harley lv.3, and Superman lv.20. Isn't that weird?
    Let's take a look at the profile of his friend Kingusha, very good and known player who attended the 2015 Mortal Kombat Cup in Paris, with a screen taken on August 19th:

    Up until that day he mained all (and only) the characters that have been used during the final + Aquaman. Is that a coincidence? What is the chance? No reasonable person can believe that. Also, even if I can't prove it, Kingusha was not online on PS4 for all the tournament duration.

    3) Bambooka is not a great player. I don't want this to sound as an insult, but he just isn't. His level isn't very high and this is also known by all the russian and EU community. The player who was playing during the pathtopro had a much higher level than his: a level which is compatible with Kingusha, who is very good.

    Also, every player has his own characteristic style and Kingusha isn't an exception. Me and other players have played hundreds of casuals against him, I know that he was the one playing...Everyone who has played against him can realize that. Of course this can't be proven, but a competitive player knows that, and can feel that.
    If you see 2 Doctor Fate playing, without their screen name, you can tell who of them is Dragon and who is OmgxBdon. If you see 2 Deadshot, you know who is Foxy and who is Sonic. Each player has his style.

    Now, since I am one of the players who lost to Bambooka and had his tournament compromised because of him, I sent a detailed ticket to ESL. They investigated for one month, and I thank them very much for that, but despite their effort no decisive proof was found. Afterall, if one player plays an online tournament in the home of another one, finding any kind of 100% proof is probably impossible.
    Yet my suspect remains, so I decided to share the story with the community and see what you guys think.

    I personally hope that tournaments as big and important as the PathtoPro finals won't be played online ever again.
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  2. I must say, this is a nice write up
  3. neveradestroyer

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    He be having multiple pro player personality disorder an sheeit.:p
  4. Linkuei82

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    Damn that some on point investigation skills. Most likely nothing is going to happen though.
  5. SaltShaker

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    Circumstantial, and nearly impossible to prove, but it's a strong argument imo.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking impossible to prove unless someone slips up and admits it to someone else
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  7. C88 Zombieekiler

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    I don't come on this shit site much but reading this does show one of the problems with online tournaments however good they might be for showing off unknown players skills etc who's to say they are playing. The sad thing is as salt shaker says it's almost impossible to prove and even if the whole community knows it wasn't him the only real way would be for him to go and get completely demolished and never attempt to use said characters and if it does happen I hope both get permanently banned. Another thing that would suck is there would be no real way to reimburse you because giving you a free ticket to season 2 would be unfair to the others and you would basically be doing what you claim bambooka did by getting a spot undeservingly and making someone else not have a chance as they couldn't make it more than a 16 man finals just for you.
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    2 Russians close to each other. Bamboo is a shit player, and King is a good player, and in the ESL Bamboo played well.

    All of them lead, in my opinion, to this: King was playing with Bamboo's nick to help his friend reach Top 8.

    Unfortunately, there's no proof to back up your investigation, except if there was a live camera confirming of who did play with this nick, which, unfortunately, isn't possible due of them not having a camera. :/

    If there was a Moscow local here, he would explain this situation to us here. Either they're twins with different nicks, or they're close buddies helping each other reach Top 8.
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    On other forum sites I'm on this "K" shit is a bannable offence

    Great input bro, you really explain yourself well
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    i was gonna say it but could not be arsed skimming through his other posts he looks like a casual who shitposts good players and is one of the cancers of the site in it's current state.
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    Easy solution that there was no cheating -
    Kingusha always played under the bambooka nickname ( account ), which is not forbidden (maybe he bought his account?). And he did not use Kingusha account to participate in the tournament

    It is not forbidden to have multiple accounts in PSN. And you choose from which to participate in ESL.
    Nothing interesting.
    PS: these are my guesses
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    Look man your argument is really good, but idk how they would do anything about this. This just shows that holding a tournament with so much on the line, online, is bonkers.
  13. Actually, if you read his post he makes a great case lol.

    All these people trolling the OP.... you do realize the level of collusion that goes on right? Not necessarily in the way the OP had issues with but "let him win bc I already qualified" or "let me win bc I have a better chance of beating your next round and that will gait keep him" et cetera. Et cetera.
  14. i don’t understand the point of cheating, especially in a video game lmao & plus dont you have to play in person to? id feel this whole situation will unfold once we see him in person playing but for now i dont think its THAT serious
  15. TurboTaco

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    Because theres lots of money on the line
  16. CrazyFingers

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    One week, I played in a smaller online tournament and had collusion happen to me. It was caught and handled but that prize pool was like, 50 bucks. If that happens in THAT environment do you really think it doesn't happen with 240x the amount? I 100% believe you man, you have a good argument but sadly not much can be done. Having a 12k prize pool online is, as mentioned earlier, bonkers.
  17. C88 Zombieekiler

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    a chance to go and play for a pot with 100s of thousands of dollars that should be rightfully his isnt that serious makes toooo much sense
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    Good to know, posts like these help the scene and organizators to make better rules for important online events (obviously if you can do stuff like this rules ain't that solid).
    Fgc can borrow few tips from the others scenes experience, when you see a moba/fps streamer with screen+body/hands you know without a doubt he's playing, so since fgc is not teamgames where is hard to pull out these tricks (training, tactics, etc) for big finals admins could just ask a simple twitch stream with screen+pad, if you are playing for 5/10k it's pretty normal to buy a 19$ cam. Nothing compared to a 75$ mouse every few months and a 1,5k gaming pc.
    Also this case is very specific, why Kingusha didn't played with his main? Was he scared to get a dq due to the IPS points?
    Anyway if foxy could go to his friend house and legit get the money without any drawback the rules might be bugged.
  19. you can easily go on wheel on fortune or your typical day time television game show & still win the same amout of money playing a game lol still isnt that serious lmao
  20. C88 Zombieekiler

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    im schleep
  21. don't feed trolls
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    Seriously, What Tweedy and salt shaker said. Very strong case, but what can you do? A month long investigation seems extensive enough if they were thorough. Maybe try for a re-investigation. Otherwise, what can you do when it comes to a hidey thriving online environment.
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  23. Good points but a majority of ppl on this site are just gonna use this to satisfy that troll boner.

    Would like to see something like this actually get looked at but chances are it wont.
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  24. Asodimazze

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    What you said is entirely possible, because on top of the big prize pool there were also 2 E-LEAGUE spots on the line. Ed_Napier and Inspechtachoz, who took 1st and 2nd place are both russians, and the last 3 seasons of ESL MK Finals taught us that sometimes Russians don't travel to the US due to VISA issues. It has happend to Harry_Nightmare twice, to Vladee7r, to FLET.

    If somehow the same misfortune hits the players who qualified this time, the 3rd and 4th place will go instead and that means that Bambooka, who placed 4th, has a real chance to qualify and show his qualities on television playing for 250 K.
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    yeah i know that is what happypow was telling me last night, the sad thing is like he probably has to get exposed instead of giving it to you who is actually decent :(
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