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Discussion in 'Northwest' started by LoneCenturion, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Just curious to see if there is an avid scene for MK9 here in the Portland, OR area.

    Would love to arrange some meet ups so I can fight someone offline :-P
  2. Eternal

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    Not sure if there is a scene around here but I live in St. helens OR... I dont have MK9 atm but when I get it I may met up with people that live close enough.
  3. Sweet. Yeah, hoping I can find a few more people so we can start a medium sized scene here.
    Hopefully you can join in.
  4. Graphf

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    I live in the area. I'd be down but I ran into this same prob playing SF. I just can't travel that much due to work and school which consumes 90% of my time so I never get to Portland much.

    I was thinking at the very least setting up a room online labeled NorthWest would be a decent idea as I've played some great matches online if the connection is good and people aren't too far away, ie, EC vs WC.
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    I'm 2 weeks away from moving to OR so even though I dont really have much interest left in this game Ill definitely take any offline competition I can get bout to move to Eugene.
  6. Hopefully we can get your interest in this game back :D
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    Hey fellow MK9 Portland goers :)

    Great news! Over on Division street we have a place called Best Bout Gaming. It's essentially a club me and a few friends go to and play Street Fighter BUT we do have some MK9 action for those we want to join in :D

    It costs 5 bucks to play and that covers the whole night! We have some fight pads and TE sticks you guys are more then welcome to use :) Also the PS3 we have set up is 100% Mortal Kombat-afied. Meaning I have all of the DLC costumes, the alts, the 2nd fatality's, and Kenshi+Skarlet on there :)

    We are open Tuesdays and Fridays 6pm (7pm on fridays) - 2am

    Here is the address if any of you want to come down :)

    Best Bout Gaming
    2409 49th Ave.
    Portland OR, 97206

    If any of you guys have questions PM me or post here :) We would really love to get a MK9 scene set up here so come on down!
  8. Best Bout

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    Hey guys we are gona add MK9 to our monthly fighting game tournament "Best Bout Beatdown". What would everyone like better? MK9 singles or teams(2v2). Personally I think the 2v2 would be funner but I'll let you guys decide which one you want.
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  10. Best Bout

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  11. #11
  12. So only 6 people showed up for that tourney. Pretty disappointing.

    Is that really the best the Portland MK9 scene can do? Come on now...
  13. CYD

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    I almost went, but found that they had MK9 on Xbox only...and maybe only a couple players at best.

    I know of two other decent players between Portland and Woodburn that aren't on here.

  14. Nope, it was on PS3.
  15. So... Because there would only be a couple people there, you didn't go. If everyone who thought about going to Evo didn't go because they heard only a couple people would be there, no one would've went to Evo, as opposed to the tens of thousands who attended this year. Great logic.

    If you and the two other decent players you know had gone, that would've made nine people who went as opposed to six. You have to start somewhere. If the nine of you kept semi-regular attendance and managed to drag in some other players from the around the area, you might just be able to get a decent turnout of 20-30 people for every tournament, which is at least enough for some decent competition.

    It amazes me how some people just expect a tourney scene to create itself out of thin fucking air.
  16. Best Bout

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    Hey guys thanks for the few peeps who showed up to support MK9. Here are the results:

    1st: Pyro
    2nd: Showlong
    3rd: AfroCole
    4th: Slash
    5th: Fun Lovin
    5th: PersonalLaser
    7th: Zony

    We are more than willing to help build the MK9 scene but more peeps have to show up on a regular basis. If a new player comes and sees there is no competition, the likelihood of them coming back is slim at best. I hope everyone had a good time. We'll probably keep MK9 on the roster again for next month and see what happens. I know a lot of peeps didn't show but it was still very hype :D.
  17. slash5150

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    And you are?

    Its amazing how a system can prevent people from coming out.

    Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda gone, the tournament has passed. If you were at home and watching the stream, instead of coming out to BB, then thats really weak. It doesn't matter whether or not you entered or not, it wouldn't have hurt you at all to come out, meet people and talk to people, and even possibly entered. If you don't have any desire or hunger to either A) compete or B) try and build a scene, then why even play.

    Scenes are going to start out small, hell, the times I went to Seattle, when MK dropped it was like 10 people, and now its up to a very healthy scene. The same was down here, people played the game, then bitched about something and quit. People are going to do it, but if you have the desire and hunger to build a scene, then you have to put real work into it.

    You mentioned a few peeps from PDX/Woodburn on that list but weren't in attendance, thats pretty weak.

    At the end of the day, look in the mirror, you can do one of two things.

    A) Sit around and wait for a scene to magically appear so that you can compete
    B) Have a desire for the MK scene to thrive and put work into it and build a scene, even if it starts out small and you're on top, if you train the people right, they'll play, lose, get angry and get better.

    If you want to sit around on option A, then it was nice talking to you online, too bad I won't see you at tournaments. If its B, then get out there, wreck face, and build a scene.


  18. Pyro AKA Sub Zero player ;)

    I pretty much agree with you completely. Is there any MK play at best bout other than at the monthly tournaments? I'd try to make it out as often as possible. Online is tough to play after getting a taste of offline.
  19. slash5150

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    screw you! LOL j/k.

    You played this game online? Brave brave man.

    But I think people don't play at BB too often, probably because of turnout? Hard to say. I'm busy with a lot of planning and events, so making it up there isn't easy for me at all. I really would like to see more people actually give this game a chance.
  20. Best Bout

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    MK9 is usually set up on 1 of our PS3's during our weekly events. If more people showed up for MK weekly then the tournaments would be twice as big easy.
  21. Frog

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    Pretty new to the scene, and just picked up MK9. In the Portland Metro area, and I was wondering if the Best Bout Gaming events were still happening. If not, is there another one, I may have trouble going to those events (would only be able to make Friday). I work during the week days, and getting to Portland on a Friday right after work would be pretty difficult. So to reiterate, my questions are....

    1) Best Bout Gaming Events for MK9 still happening?
    2) Are there any other venues to try out MK9?
    3) Anyone in the Lake Oswego area looking for a practice partner?
  22. MK9 will be at their monthly tournament again this Saturday, and hopefully it sticks around for the following months as well.
  23. Dragon23

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    What's happening, Portland scene?! :evilgrin1:

    Wow, this thread is so dead. Apparently just like the scene lol. But here's to hoping otherwise.
  24. Victor

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    I'm thinking about making it out there. I'm really into the SF scene. I've yet to play off-line but I would really like to. I play online all the time. Is this particular scene still active? And do they have PS3 or PS3 pads for players like me? I don't use a stick and have never played on XBL, so yeah. Would totally come though if it is still up and running, just need it to be confirmed is all.
  25. Dragon23

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    MK is being played on the PS3 so you're good if you bring your own ps3 controller or you can use one of their at the venue. The scene down here is active but it's still small, ranging from 5 to 7 players at the monthly tournaments. I don't know how active it is on Tuesday and Friday event because I don't normally go on those days but as far I can tell, I don't think anyone plays MK on those day, so your best bet is at the monthly tournament. So as you can see, we need all the players we can get for the monthly tournament. If you do make it down here this Saturday then that's great. Sign up starts at 1pm to 2pm.

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