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    It's been some time since we've seen our friends from Chile in tourament action and that time has come again. November 10-11 ETC McFly, Sicario and ComboMan organized a tournament in Brazil with a good turn out featuring the area's best players. There were 25 total entrants including ETC McFly, Mr. Bruno, Mr. Felipe. Jazz and more. Thanks to McFly for sending us all of the video goodies!
    1: Jazz
    2: Mr. Bruno
    3: Mr. Felipe

    4: VIC/ETC OT Mcfly
    5: MR. Diogo
    5: Linj
    7: VIC/ETC OT Sicario
    7: Biruta
    9: EC I Dr. watson
    9: CBA_PauloRBRT
    9: INF_Vine
    9: Neo
    13: MARECHAL
    13: Exlegen
    13: Barba
    13: UZGames.Luvinha
    17: Zangetsu
    17: Thiago Ash
    17: Waka
    25: RafaelKOFXI
    25: Brunelli
    25: Vinicius
    25: Lexon


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