Pool Brackets Announced for MK9 at World Game Cup in Cannes, France

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    This weekend it comes time for Europe to throwdown! The players who fought there way to one of Europe's largest tournaments will not compete with the best. This event is to take place Feruary 18th & 19th at the Palais De Festivals in Cannes, France. With 32 very strong players from all across Europe this very hype. As for a stream, we are hearing that the Final 4 will be streamed, although at this time we do not have a stream URL but stay tuned.

    POOL 1:​
    (UK) Ketchup-LK9T9 (Sektor) vs GDA Cimmerian (GR)​
    (FR) Dr Jackal vs MKdalil (FR)​
    (AT) St9rm vs Dark Light (DE)​
    (GR) GDA Nikolasses vs HowToRead (UK)​
    POOL 2:​
    (UK) Mustard-LK4D4 (Cyrax) vs GDA Shin_Vouri (GR)​
    (FR) Albritz vs Kaizoh (CH)​
    (UK) Smokey vs Steakz Teacher (FR)​
    (UK) Thead vs Djoudi (FR)​
    POOL 3:​
    (UK) UsedForGlue vs theRob (AT)​
    (IT) Crathen vs GDA Hidan (GR)​
    (UK) HD Klutch vs Grannis (GR)​
    (FR) TendouTensei vs Nutriant (IE)​
    POOL 4:​
    (GR) GDA Metzos13 (Ermac) vs MagikRaf (FR)​
    (UK) BenGmanUK vs theAI (IT)​
    (UK) Albo vs Elbico-Amir (FR)​
    (UK) HD Kyzertron vs Malakai (FI)​

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  2. Slymind

    Slymind Noob

    OMG...Cimmerian vs Ketchup! much respect for the twin robots, but, gotta support Cage since he is my favorite.
  3. why usedforglue is tapped he not going?
  4. G4S KT

    G4S KT Gaming4Satan Founder

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  5. Metzos

    Metzos You will BOW to me!
    Premium Supporter

    Thnx m8 i really appreciate that :).
  6. SaJa

    SaJa FH_FenriR

    Because it's too expensif for him aperently (too bad he was the favorite to me).

    By the way, I may take his place. Still waiting to get his receipt by mail to make sure I can participate (if you hear me bro... need it asap).
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  7. Metzos

    Metzos You will BOW to me!
    Premium Supporter

    You can always pm him.
  8. BenGmanUk

    BenGmanUk Get staffed bro

    So did they cap at 32 or did it just work out like that? Pretty hype now! :)
  9. SaJa

    SaJa FH_FenriR

    Did it on yesterday already he told me ok, still waiting ^^
  10. The_SNKE

    The_SNKE BLT | RM

    This should be good! Even though I'm sad UsedForGlue isn't going :(. I was looking forward to seeing him in action. I'll be rooting for metzos13 though, amazing Ermac!
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  11. Metzos

    Metzos You will BOW to me!
    Premium Supporter

    Thnx alot m8 i ll try and do my best :).
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  12. Oh well good luck to everyone in there hope to see good vids :)
  13. SwiftTomHanks

    SwiftTomHanks missiles are coming
    News Editor

    Wow... let's put ALL the Sektor players in one pool...

    Well, at least we have a really good chance of seeing Sektor in top 8.

    Good luck guys! I'm about as psyched to watch this as I am to play in Winter Brawl.
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  14. Furb

    Furb Noob

    I wish i could participate. Unfortunately it's very difficult for polish people to travel around the world when you don't have any vacations. I don't even talk about money you need to spend on this. Anyway, good luck people and record some good MK9 stuff.
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  15. MagikRaf

    MagikRaf Noob

    SaJa, bring ur fuckin ass to Cannes.
    I dunno the fighters in my pool, gonna be fun ;)
  16. AbeL

    AbeL Noob

    I hope Hiddan win this tournament , I love his QuanChi :D !
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  17. PND_Ketchup

    PND_Ketchup "More deadly than the dawn"
    News Editor Official ESL Gaming

    If i have to have a sektor mirror I think I'll cry myself to sleep!
  18. KH_Captain

    KH_Captain Nightwolf wannabe

    Dayum!!! Ketchup vs Cimmerian in pool one! ouch should be awesome to see though!


    I'm surprised that everyone in pool 3 isn't liking this, LOL. Once again, good luck to everyone.
  20. CY MasterHavik

    CY MasterHavik Master of Chaos and Jax
    Premium Supporter

    pretty good turnout for an EU MK tourney. I got Hidan to take it.
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  21. circle masher


    Awesome, should be some AMAZING matches coming out of this. Good luck everybody!
  22. smokey

    smokey EX Ovi should launch

    Depending on the schedules for the pools, i'll be doing my best to record EVERY match i watch, and the matches i play i will make sure someone else records it.
    Top 4 will be sunday night streamed, however i cant confirm a time. Keep your eyes peeled though and we should have some top level EU tournament footage for next week!
  23. A F0xy Grampa

    A F0xy Grampa Problem X Promotions
    Premium Supporter

    Howtoread Ketchup Nikolas & Cimmerian in 1 pool lol... some1s gonna get dissappointed
  24. st9rm

    st9rm viennality.com
    Premium Supporter

    does this mean that mk is also played at sunday night, or are they just streaming the footage from saturday X_X ?
  25. smokey

    smokey EX Ovi should launch

    Top 8-4 will be saturday, top 4 will be played sunday night on the mainstage streamed.
    This is better really as it doesnt look like mortal kombat was just on saturday to get it out of the way fast, we actually get to play to a crowd :D

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