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Poll: Do you like Krushing Blows?

Poll: Do you Like Krushing Blows?

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I think most anyone would agree that visually Krushing Blows are cool looking, but how do you feel about their gameplay aspect? Do you like them, or dislike them?


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It really depends on the character. Some have great krushing blows that come out naturally during gameplay and flow, where some will probably never be seen in a normal scenario. They are probably the least balanced aspect of the game right now, but I do like the concept, and hope they eventually address the krushing blow gap between higher and lower tier characters.


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I like them quite a bit. They add uniqueness to each character, are always satisfying to pull off and can lead to some interesting mind games in my opinion.

Throw KBs are harder to like however. Let's say I'm fighting a Skarlet and she grabs me. Her throw 50/50 is incredibly powerful because let's say she has me in the corner and goes for a back throw instead of the forward throw I expected because I'm in the corner. Due to my escape failing, she now has a true 50/50 that does 31% (because both her throws have the KB tied to them), where she can even bypass some of the 50/50 aspect if she does a throw in a situation where I don't expect it. Basically, if I ever fail an escape against a character with two throw KBs, there's a >50% chance I'm eating that damage.


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Definitely. I like high damage in a fighting game. KB's are a good way of incorporating this. They also look cool and give a very satisfying feeling once you land them.

I do think some KB's need to be balanced more and the requirements for certain KB's need to be adjusted.


I like the idea. The implementation though looks like the people tasked with designing each character were given vague guidelines and implemented them how they wanted without comparing with what others were doing with their characters, so it's a mess where some characters got plenty of easy to pull and very damaging ones while others have to do stupid things that deviate from their gameplan like they were brutalities (ie: just for fun rather than a real combat mechanic that needs to be balanced).

So my vote is no, but mostly because of lack of coordination and lazy implementation.

It would be yes if revised in the future.


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Definitely my favourite new mechanic of MK. Helps define a characters playstyle and personality and usually they factor into mindgames heavily.

I do agree that a lot of them need reworking though. Many characters never get to use theirs (Shao Kahn, JC, Kotal) while others can easily pull off 2-5 in a match (Jax, Geras, Liu Kang, Jacqui) and some just have bad risk / reward (Skarlet's B2 is the only example i have for this right now).

Overall i love them but the balance around them is iffy at best.

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I like the idea of NRS finally implementing counter hits, but I'm not a fan of the once a match aspect.

Lower the damage, only counter hit requirements, don't limit how many you can do per match.


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Not a HUGE fan, I don't hate them but don't exactly love them either. Not too big on everyone having different requirements as it's not fair for certain characters(especially if they're lower or mid with super rare or next to never going to happen in a competitive match ie Raiden's B2 twice. And the other reason I'm not too fond of them is they should only limit you one per combo, to have 2 or 3 in one combo is just stupid. They're more or less mini fatal blows, some doing more damage than others.

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No, I hate the 'easy to do ones' , I'd rather they be incorporated into combos unlike Geras's, his & any1 that has KB like him are a joke.


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The idea is fine but the execution is god awful. Grab KBs need to be removed and others need an extensive balance patch.
A KB in my eyes, should be either easy to get and low damage (15-20%) or slightly more difficult/nuanced for more damage (25-28%). No more getting 35% because your opponent guessed wrong in a direct MKX-style 50/50.
Skarlet's KBs for example are perfect imo, simple requirements with a reward that doesn't blow smoke up your ass as if you did something impossible (cough geras).
Best mechanic ever implement in a mk game. Visually amazing and add variety to combos. Of course they need balance tweaks, and I wish we have more kb launchers instead of raw damage, but imo they are awesome and are here to stay.

Wish for next mk: match winning kb triggering super brutalities
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I do not like them because of how unbalanced they are. My character has really one that's reliable.
I love them, X-Rays were bad looking and not really a spectacle compared to Fatal Blows. Not only that, the krushing blows are a great way to implement the bone crushing aesthetics more frequently and fast during gameplay.

How I feel so far about gameplay is ok, some characters have very accessible ones, while others are insanely stupid and I'd never dare try in a serious match. So they need some tweaking in the requirements department.