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Discussion in 'Poison Ivy' started by sranc, Jan 24, 2017.


Do you think Poison Ivy will be more of a Trap/Setup type or Mid range neutral type character?

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  1. Traps~Setups

  2. Neutral Based

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  1. sranc

    sranc creep

    Why has this not been done yet? Give me a pheromone induced Quan trance and a Hunter Pred trap with vines. And DOT special ability. Thoughts?
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  2. xWildx

    xWildx What a day. What a lovely day.

    Timed pod "bombs" similar to Alien, a seeking projectile of some kind, and a hypno/buff/debuff kiss or pheromone spray are what I'm expecting to see. Or, at least what I'd hope to see haha
  3. Dayvon

    Dayvon 16

    Hellsparks would be Heaven sent
    Obviously with vines of course.
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  4. I was kinda thinking that an alien related trap would suck tbh. Like the idea of a hunter pred one. Also, Neutral game similar to lasher takeda would sound so sick and fitting for her
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  5. Lokheit

    Lokheit Noob

    Moves I can see her having (not necessarily all of them, but they would fit):

    - Takeda-ish vine whips as some of her normals for footsies.

    - Pod trap similar to Predator (bit with the opponent grounded, held by vines similar to Inferno Scorpion summon grab) for HKD game. Probably her trait, allowing you to make it burst or some other effects if you don't want to wait for the opponent to step on it.

    - Trance-like pheromones spray (but close range only, not full screen).

    - One of those ranged moves where your final input determines if it's close range/medium/long involving vines or sprouts comming from the ground.

    - A teleport where she enters a giant flower bud and exits from another.

    She's probably going to have a very good vortex game when you think about the moves that would fit the character. She's probably going to have good footsies, though not a very strong full screen game, but there is room for a teleport to avoid being harassed on a good read.
  6. Reeky Jones

    Reeky Jones XBL: Reeky Jones PSN: Reeky_Jones

    Im expecting a "Necromancer" type grab or flick with vines.
  7. SM StarGazer

    SM StarGazer The voice of reason in a Sea of Salt

    Her skill set should be something amazing. So far I expect Her and Dr.Fate to have the large moveset.

    I see Takeda, Necromancer, Aquamans Trident Stab, The range of Martian Manhunter with trait on, her grab is a kiss that does small damage but apply DoT, meterdraining via gear unlocks.

    She' s gonna be top tier with hear as far as I see now. Her skill set is VAST
  8. Crimzon-ET

    Crimzon-ET Got Face Huggers?

    Poison Ivy is one of the characters I have been wanting to be in Injustice since the first game along with Atrocitus and Animal Man. So I'm hyped to see her make it into Injustice 2.

    I would image that Poison Ivy could end up being the quintessential keep away archetype character in the vein of Dhalsim in SF only in Injustice terms with long range attacks and evasive options balanced by slow mobility and low health.

    As a Alien Konjurer main I like the idea of Pod Traps/Bombs that @xWildx and @Lokheit suggested. I think that would be a fun way to zone with her. As for her trait I think something like a poison mechanic would compliment a keep away/zoner play style well.
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  9. xKhaoTik

    xKhaoTik Black StarPoison

    I'm trying to figure out what her trait would be.

    Maybe she'll just add DoT to her moves or something.
  10. Error

    Error DF2+R2

    Leach Seed
    Vine Whip
    Stun Spore
    Seed Bomb

    Trait: Overgrow
    Nature: Naughty +atk -spec def
  11. 1man3letters

    1man3letters Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
    Moderator Premium Supporter

    indeed leech seed is a must
  12. Kaiology

    Kaiology Lord of Chaos

    I made this a while back for IGAU: https://testyourmight.com/threads/ideas-custom-poison-ivy-moveset.36497/

    Currently my thoughts are that she should end up being a heavy keepaway and trap-based character. Have her spawn plants that keep the opponent at bay and do different things like projectiles and rooting them to the ground. Have flowers spawn that stun them or stagger them and maybe some moves using vines to get them away from her. Maybe a move where she can spawn a vine from the ground that pulls or pushes them around the stage, similar to Storm/Magneto from UMvC3.

    For more inspiration on what I'm talking about, go look at Glacius from Killer Instinct and Jack O.
  13. Swindle

    Swindle Philanthropist & Asshole

    Interesting that so many people are complaining that "Black Canary is just Sonya 2.0, that's lame." But when coming up with a move set for Poison Ivy, y'all are like "she needs this from Lasher Takeda, and this from Pedator, and this from Alien, and..."
    You people are too fucking much.
  14. Lokheit

    Lokheit Noob

    There is a difference between being very similar to a character (and one that wasn't even too flashy to begin with) and comparing ideas for possible moves with ones we've seen across several characters (keyword here being several). Taking pieces from here and there to make a whole new combination of moves and synergies presented on creative ways (moves using similar mechanics than old ones but looking different to fit the character's theme) is what basically everything creative is about nowadays.

    Anyway on a personal note, I wasn't disappointed at Black Canary because she was Sonya-esque I don't care much about recycling, I was disappointed because her overal moveset looked bland and a bit boring compared to everything we've seen from the game so far. Her super move is insta worst by a long shot so far for example, she was all about normals and specials that looked like normals in the trailer (combo attacks, not many "flashy moves"... even Batman and Damian without superpowers look interesting, the Damian reveal was really cool) and I saw many people getting this "meh" feeling from her too in the thread. At least her model looks dope.
  15. sranc

    sranc creep

    I'ts easier to use a simile referencing a move we're all familiar with than to write a book trying to describe something new and totally hypothetical. Obviously I don't want to play Takeda or Predator in a dress, it's just an example for fucks sake. I have no opinions on Black Canary.
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  16. Kaiology

    Kaiology Lord of Chaos

    My one worry is that they'll turn Ivy into some sort of brawler which would look weird and make no sense. I can understand some brawling moves since she..kinda has to fight, but none of her special moves should be brawling/fighting based except maybe her vines.
  17. Kyo Syozi

    Kyo Syozi Noob

    Tee Hee.


    But seriously, I imagine her being like Doronjo in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: space control and sick combos. Lots of traps and plants attacking you from E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.
  18. yeah im thinking trap charcter ala hunter/master of storms
  19. TrulyAmiracle

    TrulyAmiracle Bane bombs & Vine drills & Stardust
    Premium Supporter

    I think she'll have some vine normals ala Takeda but not as nutty.
    Maybe a vine swing for air mobility.
    Some sort of through the ground vine attack, probably similar to Sinestro's snatch, Killer's frost's tracking ice stab or Raven's trait light beams.
    Hopeful for a trap like Predator or Lex.
    A trance sort of move would make sense as well. Probably her trait.
    For her trait I think it's one of these two. A one time use with a cooldown. End combos with it for a trance or DoT. Maybe even restricts some moves or jumping for a bit.
    The other one is being like Frost's where it's active for a certain duration and effects all her moves, adding DoT or a trance-ish effect to some specials maybe.

    Either way she should be on the more unique side so i'm looking forward to some footage.
  20. South

    South I'd rather SHOW than TELL ~ Poison Ivy

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  21. sranc

    sranc creep

    Keep away sounds good, but I'm honestly done with speculating until we get a gameplay video. Imaginary specials have lost their charm

    Edit: I do appreciate the tag, that's pretty cool
  22. xKhaoTik

    xKhaoTik Black StarPoison

    I can see her with some type of trap.

    She better be a neutral character with bomb footsies. She's a living plant. I'm expecting LONG reaching vine attacks lol
  23. South

    South I'd rather SHOW than TELL ~ Poison Ivy

    Your right I mostly decided to post this because with tomorrow reveal she has a HUGE chance of being revealed especially since swamp thing was released a day before and tomorrow theme is Valentine's Day. Are you on PS4 though?
  24. xWildx

    xWildx What a day. What a lovely day.

    I would be AMAZED if her core gameplay doesn't involve traps and setups of some kind.

    Seeing Swamp Thing in makes me believe it even more so. While he's a plant based grappler, with what looks like godlike footsies, I can definitely see Ivy in a more zoning/setup role.

    Just give me a tracking spore projectile, it's all I ask lol
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  25. South

    South I'd rather SHOW than TELL ~ Poison Ivy

    Oh so a takeda/ konjurer hybrid is what I'm getting from this statement? I can see that being a thing! Are you on PS4 also?
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