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Poison Ivy help (please help lol)

so I’m REALLY trying to get good with poison ivy and I’ve been practicing for quite a while now and I’m really struggling with her inputs and execution. I feel like I can’t do her bnbs at all. Any tips on working hammer stance and F3 after vine drills into midscreen combos?


For the hammer stance you can hold up after you do any of the attack’s to cancel out of it. As for the f3f after mb drill For me it’s like a tapping motion, because if I hold it I’ll end up just walking forward. I don’t really use mb drill into f3 though bc I use datura for combos. I guess u could use it more for unbreakable damage and to knock your opponent back.
Keep your eyes on 2-d hit of vine drill, find a moment when you need to quick tap f3, (i always do far version) with time it's just gonna be a muscle memory.
This is helpful and I’ve landed it a few times in an actual online match, I’ve been labbing a lot of other reliable midscreen combos I can realistically do during a match