PNDK&M presents - MK11 Explained: Kustom Variations

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HeavyNorse, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. HeavyNorse

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  2. Shit! Anything definitive? I'm at work and can't get away with watching

    Edit: I mean as far as how variations will work in ranked/competitive play.
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  3. Metin

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    Augment Sockets are banned for competitive matches or ranked? good to hear that..
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  4. ...but if they aren't available for competitve play, no one cares. In the tym community at least.
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  5. Circus

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    Augmented slots aren't going to be in competitive mode.

    They haven't mentioned custom variations not being in competitive mode and the assumption at the moment because there aren't base variations yet is that they WILL be used in competitive mode.

    And no one still knows what they'll decide on when it comes to wether or not they will have base-variations like MKX at all.
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  6. ismael4790

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    If Kustom Variations are allowed in competitive mode, there is no hope for this game to be balanced.
  7. karaokelove

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    So you'll be able to select a custom move set for competitive play? That's what the video made it sound like, but it's still not totally clear. I wish NRS would just straight-up answer that question.
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  8. That's silly. Any OP combo relies on a particular move to make it so. Nerf the move and voila, balance. Unless you have some bizarre definition of balance like "the character must be competitively viable no matter what combination of abilities a player picks."
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  9. ismael4790

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    "Nerf the move and voila, balance". Maybe nrs should have taken that into account in mkx, if balancing a game is such an easy task. There are many factors in balace, and one has to take into account the way everything interacts with everything.

    Time has proven that the balance in mkx was a total mess, and they had 33 characters with "just 3" variations to work with. If kustom variations enter in competitive modes in mk11, they will have more or less the same number of characters, but the number of variations is going to multiply by all the combinations of specials/abilities you can make. And it's obvious these abilities are major stuff from what we have been seeing, each one potentially changes the gameplan of the character.

    There is no way they can balance that in less than two years, which exceeds the time nrs games are supported.
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  10. xWildx

    xWildx What a day. What a lovely day.

    Easier to watch these than wait for the damn Kombat Kasts.
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  11. ji-high

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  12. Vslayer

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    Looking at how Sub-zero played drastically different from how he was played in the Kombat Kast and how you can change his playstyle with the rising ice special makes me feel a lot better about combo potential.
  13. trufenix


    they have, repeatedly. Set variations for competition. They have not figured out how many per character or whats on each yet.
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  14. It has to be accounted for that they're taking competitive scene more seriously and making explicit game changes and mechanics changes to support this. How much of a difference that'll make for balance, I have no idea, but you don't either.

    Edit: I cut half my post because my reading comprehension is shit. Sorry.
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  15. trufenix


    There's the money shot.
  16. Ger187

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    What is the point then to make your own variation but you cant use it?
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  17. trufenix


    Custom variations for some, fixed tournament variations for others.
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  18. karaokelove

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    That's what I thought, but new information seems to contradict that, and I can't find any actual records of TYM hard confirming one way or the other. Any links?
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  19. DuskyDile

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    The fact that there is “augments” means it’s going a little bit into injustice 2 territory...
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  20. Metin

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    augments sockets are suck, they are totally unnecassary elements and designed for the single players indeed...

    - gaining damage boost
    - taking less damage than normal
    - faster meter charge

    these are the things that what the augment sockets will do.. you can't even discuss about balance, no way....
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  21. It's a nice addition to the game to create our own variations but I'll probably only use the default ones. I just hope we'll be able to customize the default variations.
  22. JBeezYBabY

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    I have a feeling that tournament rule set is not gonna completely set into stone until more tournaments happen to test things out.

    I like the Kustom variation and like how certain moves have different value of slots and each character has 3 slots. With some moves having 2 or maybe even all 3 taking out some other moves, it brings a totally different dynamic around your playstyle. After looking at this video, i hope the Kustom variation stays in competitive play. It seems doable for sure.
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  23. Pterodactyl

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    Nerfing a move because of one of many potential moveset variations will make all the other balanaced set ups using that move trash. These moves don’t exist in a vacuum and often in these types of customizable moveset situations the imbalance comes from abusing combinations of moves and not singular moves themselves. Or the more likely case, instead of nerfing it they try to remake it to function different without making it worse. Which ends up making that original set up balanced, but making others too strong due to the new changes.

    However easy you think any balancing is, assume it’s about two or three times as hard in actuality.

    Can something like this eventually be balanced? Of course. Would that happen any time soon after release? Hell no. Could NRS’s balancing actually manage to do it despite not even being able to balance set variations in MKX, probably fuckin’ not.
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  24. DDustiNN

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    No. Not at all. Augments are purely for single-player.
  25. ChaosTheory

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    If I'm counting right (fact check me), it looks like Scorpion has 8 selectable abilities for 14 total slots.

    Wasn't it explained that competitive mode would feature three locked presets and represent all of the abilities between the three presets?

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