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PLEASE...Keep on "NOT" choosing Kano.

megalomaniacvon said:
lol, actually, I randomed because, like I said, I wasn't even watching the screen most the time and was talking to my mom.. So I wasn't sure who to pick.

Secondly, the round you babalitied me was not a flawless, it was the 3rd match your Nightwolf vs. My Jax, and I put the control down after I hit you with one aaHP, so congrats on your babality lol.
Whatever. You're a joke.
megalomaniacvon said:
DatBoyMook said:
megalomaniacvon said:
LOL at Luxton too.


I'm talkin on messenger, kinda shittin around in my own lobby. I always have myself checked.. So someone joined and readied up, I went random.. I got Shang. Cool or whatever.. He picked Nightwolf. Match starts.. JK.. Then a shitload of shoulder charges. I stopped caring when he attempted a triple, let alone double axe against Shang. It was like fighting a noob trying to win with the same cheese move over and over. I was like WTF? I hit start while he was attempting to figure out something other than F,F,LK to see who it was, and sure as hell, Luxton. So he won, did another shoulder charge to finish me, I jump back to lobby... Same thing.

So I'm like LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then I get off messenger, sit up to actually play..

And he leaves.


When will people stop copying annoying, cheap, or cheese tactics to win?
I don't suck, you're just boring people.
You bore the fuck out of me.

I'll find 10 out of 11 people. 9 normies and an ultimatemk.com fan that will play the exact same way as everyone else.

Or find something that's annoying and cheap and cheesy all at once, and ONLY do that.

I fought a guy.. madxbomber or whatever, beat him 4-7 times.. Then he picks Kitana.

Kitana is my biggest weakness.
So I random, I got Cyrax, and FIGHT!

He jumps back, Air Fan, runs forward, two LP, then 4 hit kick kombo.

that's all he did.

for 10+ matches in a row. I won the first round, lost the second and third.

He couldn't beat me with anyone but his Kitana.
I got so annoyed, so bored and frustrated, I actually lost over 10 times in a row to some fucking crap cheese bullshit Kitana tactic that EVERYONE GODDAMN USES.

So I pick Kitana, counter the SHIT out of him..

And then he starts constantly JKing.

I gave up and just left.

It drives me bonkers that jokes can rape me so badly.

I don't mind, generally, losing to a fairly adept to high skilled player.

but a complete idealess imbecile can beat me with one over abused annoying tactic.

I hate people lol.
Stop making these long ass posts will you. People dont like you enough to read all that.

My apologies Mook, but until a figure of authority enforces this, I'm not going to. T. They just choose not there are a few people on here who do like me, hell, some people really like me on hereo defend me. As I've said before, they find what goes on here kinda funny.

I'm like a disease, I ruin one person, and it just keeps goin until there is nothing left.

Of course this is all on the internet, I'm (as cliche and oversaid as this is) probably one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet. Ever.

And furthermore, yes, people actually do like me enough to read my entire posts. Or they hate me enough, either way, it would seem apparent that most people obviously do read at least majority of them, because they always have some fabrication, altercation, or flat out lie to respond with.


Oh I'm sorry, was my post not long enough for the likes?

Do re mi fa so la ti do.

Maybe I should review you all minor triad chords?
Or possibly the meaning of life.

Oh, and they have two screenshots for Mortal Kombat 8 up somewhere. If you know MK, and know Midway, you'd know where to find them. One is logo render, the other is an in game, a-build character test shot.
Wonder who...