PlayStation Will NOT Be At E3 Next Year!!!!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by JBeezYBabY, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. JBeezYBabY

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  2. xWildx

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    Didn’t they also choose to not have a PSX event this year?

  3. HeavyNorse

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    I mean, if they don't have anything to announce, then there's no reason to be there.
    But the fact that they don't have anything to announce is kinda sad. Makes it seem like next year is gonna be slow for PS4 players. :/
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  4. My guess is Sony has nothing new to show for PS4 and are focusing on PS5 going forward. I remember when PS4 was first showed it was a different event before E3. Sony probably just want to do the reveal all in one sitting instead of doing a reveal than re reveal at E3 which makes no sense. This might explain why NRS didn’t announce anything last E3 but again I’m just speculating.
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  5. Rip Torn


    They're just doing the same thing that Nintendo did years ago. Ditch the huge expense of creating an E3 presence and just have their own event across the street and release videos online.
  6. Johnny Based Cage

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    What the fuck is playstion?
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  7. HeavyNorse

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    A typo.
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  8. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    • A Square Enix employee's resume had mentioned a new AAA title for 'PS5':
    • Jason Schreier (gaming journalist, apparently credible) says he's had discussions with various developers and now expects the PlayStation 5 to be released in 2020.
    • Sony announces today that they are skipping E3 for the first time in like forever, and previously said they are skipping this year's PSX because there were a lack of games to show.
    • Microsoft already confirmed that they are working on new systems including code-name "Scarlet" which seems to be a next-generation system.
    • Currently this generation has lasted 5 years which is a standard life-cycle, but if the new systems really are releasing in 2020 then it would be 7 which is closer to the last generation life-cycle. So pretty standard either way.
    Obviously the next generation is coming. Days Gone, Dreams, Ghost of Tsushima, and The Last Of Us II will be the last major first-party PS4 releases from Sony. I've seen some people speculate that TLOU2 will actually end up being a PS5 game and while that wouldn't surprise me, I think it will still end up being a PS4 game. Releasing on PS4 would mean that more people would be able to buy the game within the first month of release (which is a big deal for sales generally) because, well, the PS4 already has such a large player base. They could always to a remaster for PS5 (like they did for TLOU1 for PS3 > PS4) or if backwards compatibility is a thing, it wouldn't really matter. Yes, they could release the game along with a new system to entice people into buying a new console, but I do think they would make more profit by selling to game on PS4 (or at least have a PS4 version alongside a PS5 version), which is probably important considering the amount of time and money going into that game.

    Now of course, those games are just the first party releases. I think next year is going to be amazing for third parties. We have Resident Evil 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Devil May Cry V, Kingdom Hearts III, etc. Not to mention a lot of big titles have just come out and we still have games coming in December. I've seen some people say that since Sony isn't doing an E3 conference in 2019 it means that year will be slow, and I think that will be the case for first parties, but quite the opposite for third parties. This generation has definitely felt slower, but part of that is because I didn't get as many games it seems, lol. There are still games like Dying Light and Mirror's Edge: Catalyst which I've wanted to play but never got around to buying, and I'm sure there are more games I'm not thinking about right now. I would say that this is because I've gotten older, so I'm more mature and my "tastes" are more defined -- which is true to some extent -- but I think it's mainly just because I'm poor, lol.
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  9. Crimea

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    "We are looking at events as a whole and how we can speak more to our fans and continue to wow them. The timing of PSX and E3 didn't allow for that"
    "As a result, we have decided not to participate in E3 in 2019. We are exploring new and familiar ways to engage our community in 2019 and can’t wait to share our plans with you.

    Pretty sure they will have a conference, but somewhere in spring or after E3
  10. JBeezYBabY

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    And its fixed :)
  11. CrimsonShadow

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    Nope — they’re actually not having an event at all. Zero presence for the E3 timeframe, no digital conference.
  12. Alright! Two more years of MKX, at least :D
  13. ChatterBox

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    The thing I'm wondering is, how different will these new consoles be from the current ones? Like, I get that UI upgrades and better networking ablilties are nice, but are graphics that much better from 5 years ago?
  14. Tanno

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    At least, I'll avoid the overnight this year. 4am just to watch Sony hurts my body.
  15. HeavyNorse

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    Yeah, without Sony being there, I have no reason to stay up and watch E3 either. I'll just watch the VOD's and trailers from the other presentations.
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  16. Slymind

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    Well, this year's conference was very weak, i assume they simply do not have much to show.

    Still, 0 presence at e3 is really suprising.
  17. Rip Torn


    Oh, I see that now. Well, I take back what I said about them having an event around E3. They will probably start doing something similar to Nintendo with their Nintendo Direct streams though.

    I'm not buying the idea that they will be completely silent during E3 either. They will probably release some new teaser/trailers online.
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