Player Spotlight: Featuring Testyourmight's Champdee!

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By 9_Lives on Jan 20, 2018 at 2:54 PM
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    Hello and welcome to a new segment that will hopefully get everyone better acquainted with some of our scene's more obscure names! Today we are featuring a hard working streamer from our own website, @champdee! He is a veteran to NRS games, first and all time favorite of which was MK9. He also enjoys and currently very actively streams Injustice 2 on his page!

    Champdee has been streaming for many years under a variety of names. He is currently streaming under the title mkdeity at the following link:
    "I love the platform and hope you promote it.. it's a very good platform, the staff actually cares, even if your a small streamer you can hit up staff and they will help you.. I put in my w9 form for my sub button so I should be getting that soon"

    As far as preferences for which games go, here are his thoughts:
    "first fg was mk9, def most favorite... I was really really hyped about the chip damage on block from normals in the inj2 beta.. but sadly that's gone.. still a fun game but would like more chip on normals cuz it would force up close situations and frame traps etc etc instead of zoning, and specials do a lot of chip as we know..."

    When asked about what characters he liked to play, here was his response:
    "I played mk9, started with reptile and cyber subzero, then ended maining reg sub.. I mained Mournful and GM, and a lil unbreakable.
    inj1: cw and sinestro (wish he was back for inj2 but chicago hate him)
    inj2: cw, trying other characters as well but... I miss sinestro and no I don't like fate its not the same, sin has pressure and safe strings, b12 was safe.. and b13 (launched into b3) b3, j3, b12~shackles vortex, but his vortex was literally like 15 percent .and even just instant air axe was plus and I miss that. I would like cw do have her catdash as an actual wu, and dd3 1 be -4. Too many Catwoman witch hunters."

    If you want to catch his stream and get some games with him, make sure to follow the above link! Here is is twitter as well:

    Here are some of his stream archives from the last few days as well!

    Thank you for your time everybody, and thank you to Champdee for taking the time to share your stream with us!
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Discussion in 'NetherRealm Online' started by 9_Lives, Jan 20, 2018.

    1. JBeezYBabY
      Well isn't this awesome! I mean, he looks scared as hell in that photo lol. But WHOOP to Mr. @champdee !

      Righteous ;)
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    2. Espio
      This is a series I can get behind. How often are these planned like weekly?
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    3. 9_Lives
      I was not sure. I'm testing the waters a bit to see what everybody thinks about it before I keep trying to contact more people for these.
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    4. JBeezYBabY
      Uncle JBeezY thinks this is a great idea for sure! It also gives lurkers or newbies something to keep their eye on as well. Any recognition is better than none. I support this series :)
    5. 9_Lives
      That actually reminds me @STORMS , champdee has been having a hard time getting his stream to show up on the right side feed whenever he signs on. I was wondering if you would be able to help him troubleshoot this so he doesn't have to post a status update each time he streams?
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    6. STORMS
      The streaming application that we use on TYM has a better supported StreamMe version in an upcoming installment. I believe the application is ready, but I'm waiting on a few key things before we do an upgrade.
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    7. Jynks
      a community spotlight... what a fantastic idea!!

      As the pro-eSport scene grows the "local" feeling of the community lessens I think. It is a really great idea to try and foster some community awareness and stuff..

      The new Mods are killing it! (um, I mean they are good! lol)
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    8. champdee
      This was really fun.. thanks for heaeing me out and contacting me. I have other pics too jmits just what he picked.
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    9. 9_Lives
      Thank you for being a good sport and giving us all a look into what you do. I see you on here all the time and know you put in a lot of work. Hoping this can get you some more followers!
      champdee likes this.
    10. champdee
      champdee used tk cone up hmmm
    11. champdee
      9_Lives no doibtt appreciate ya
      9_Lives likes this.
    12. champdee
      anytime man. I can help yiu if you need
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    13. champdee
      thank you, I really try.. and I really am trying to grow the stuff.. I had gotten ultradavid to shout it out on ultrachentv.. guess I should of brought that up.
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    14. champdee
      :) love u all
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    15. champdee
      Updated twitter handle to @champdee2 @9_Lives is there anyway you can correct it?
    16. champdee

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