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Philadelphia NRS scene?

Yes, Gamer's Heaven located in Phoenixville PA will have MK11 players every friday at 7pm-2am.
Thank you!

What's the typical turn out?

And do you know of any other NRS scenes in Philly. I'm coming from Cherry Hill, NJ, so I'm looking for something a little closer if possible. Will definitely join if there aren't other options.


Mk11 will be getting played at Gamer's Heaven in Phoenixville PA. Every Friday from roughly 5-6pm to 2am players meet. We play SFV, Tekken 7, UNIST, Samsho, Smash and others. We have players of varying skill levels across all games. Myself and a few others are going hard on mk11 at launch.

Entry is 10$
Food is available
BYOB(over 21)
Local host in Center city philly.
The lab in Hatboro PA
Allentown has a scene

no idea on the NRS games for these 3 areas, but I rarely hear about them talk about their games.
Thanks for the info!

How many NRS players can be expected on an average Friday?


No idea as the game is not out yet. Last friday there was three NRS players, but we don't play Injustice 2. I just know that we were big mk9 players. One or two of them were mkx players.