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Perfect Legend's training sessions return for Injustice & DOA


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Carl "Perfect Legend" White began doing training lessons some time ago but due to traveling, he put his training sessions on hold. However, Perfect Legend wrote a blog earlier today stating that not only is he starting up his lessons again for Injustice & DOA, but he is also lowering the session rates by $5. For the first session, instead of $20, they will now be $15 and from there it will be $10 for additional sessions.

So if you wanna get trained for the man who conquered Mortal Kombat two years in a row and holds his own in Injustice... be sure to shoot him an email! Details from blog below:


I closed the sessions before I started traveling out and competing again cause I needed more time to train myself since I was so busy training everyone else. However now I feel like we are in the off season for events so I have time to help out again!
This time around instead of MK and INJ it will be INJ, DOA5U.
I will still be producing content when I can especially tutorials and the like. (Still working on the Hayate tutorial for you all since he won the vote on the video I posted.)
I will however lowering the price back down from $20 to $15 for the first session and down from $15 to $10 for any additional session. Its the holiday season!
For any additional questions please email me on [email protected]
Thanks guys take care!
Source: PerfectLegend.Wordpress.com


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I remember when he first started these and all I could muster out was LOL

Any of his trainees instantly place higher in tournaments?
Have you applied what you have learned and became instantly better?
Hopefully so.

Seriously though, I'm not knocking him. He's proven. Make that money PL.


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Lol, I remember having to convince people that he was actually good at the game, before he won VxG. I should dig up that thread to read some of the comments.
PL's first lesson:

-MB Venom is + on block so don't press buttons.
-Up Venom can be baited and punished.
-Earth Shake can be blocked.
-Don't pushblock if he has trait on.
-In doubt, MB b3.


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Couple more things to add, PL was the best MK9 player considering he won 2 EVO's, okay i'll accept that.

But He's not that great @ injustice, what can he tell me that others wont?
And he's going to charge!?

ALSO, If I start charging people to learn what I know will Storms front page it?


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No offense, but I know better players who could train me up, and yes they gladly would.
I know equally good players who can give me tips.
And I prefer more than one persons advice to truely create a perfect fighting form.

although I lol'd at this thread,if pl can make some money then fair play to him.i agree with everything in your post though.
why is it bad to ask for money to help somebody out. He knows it will make people be better at the game so it is fair to ask for some compensation you are not forced to make use of his services. Like some of you already said, reo and other guys can help you out for free so it is all up to you.