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Perfect Legend wins Mortal Kombat 9 at Frosty Faustings!

Via a post from a spirited competitor we know as Perfect Legend, we have the final results on a side tournament held for Mortal Kombat 9 at last weekend's Frosty Faustings! Congratulations to Carl "Perfect Legend" White for holding down the MK territory in the Midwest, using his duo of Kung Lao and Kabal to take first place! Following him is GGA Dizzy at second place and NB Semi Evil Ryu at third place!

Frosty Faustings Bracket Info for MK9.jpg

The turnout for the MK9 tourney was fairly small, but it still did its part in reinvigorating a familiar hype for the game! As per comments from some of the participants, you can look forward to some more exciting matches in future MK9 tournies, including SoCal Regionals which is set to occur at around the end of February!

Below are full results on the top three. No footage we know of has been released at this time, but be sure to tag a staff member if any videos come up!

Top 3:

1st: Perfect Legend (Kung Lao/Kabal)
2nd: GGA|Dizzy (Johnny Cage)
3rd: Semi Evil Ryu (Sub-Zero)​

Winner's Finals

Perfect Legend (Kung Lao/Kabal): 3 vs. GGA Dizzy (Johnny Cage): 1

Loser's Finals

NB Semi Evil Ryu (Sub-Zero): 2 vs. GGA Dizzy (Johnny Cage): 3

Grand Finals

Perfect Legend (Kabal): 3 vs. GGA Dizzy (Johnny Cage): 0
Thanks to Perfect Legend for the information.

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NB Semi Evil Ryu

Former Sub-Zero of the Midwest (2011 - 2015)
Yeah, this was the tournament that showed me that I still have tons of fun competing in this game. It looks like I'm going to have to go find myself a cheap copy of MK 9 Komplete Edition for 360, because I'm now going to be bringing that with my setup along with Injustice.

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
That's thight Carl and Dizzy, if you guys recorded pls upload the vids, its alwas good to motivate other ppls that play in different corners of the world.
8 man bracket?
still good to start over.

I remember when VSA and blue left us, we started ourselves with only 8 players, now we have almost 50 competitive players, and is still rising at every tournament.

Flawless victory 2 (february 23rd 2014) probably will have the entire 50 players or more.


cr. HP Master
I sincerely miss playing Mk9. I'm beginning to suspect a bunch of us quit prematurely. However, congrats to PL and the rest.


Administrator and Community Engineer
Hold up! This wasn't a major -- Gtfo PL (but congratulations) :p
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