General/Other People online are telling me I play the same as every other Sub-Zero.

Discussion in 'Sub-Zero' started by Durango, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. JennyCage

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    It's probably because you play Sub-Zero. He's one of the most generic characters to watch because he has very little combo variety outside of what's most efficient. Every now and then you'll get a Sub that will B+2 reset/enhanced ground freeze, but that's about as "complicated" as Sub-Zero gets. His general strategies are all the same at high levels - hide behind clone, dash in and clone, trap in corner with clone, trade projectiles with ice beam... that's about it.

    People say every Sub plays the same because Sub is the king of zzz.
  2. Vilén

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    If there was a fighting game bible, this would be the moral of the story.

    That was seriously one of the greatest posts I've ever read on a fighter forum.
  3. Mechacide

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    Combos used should have nothing to do with it. Every serious player should always be going for what's most efficient and gives the best dmg/setups etc. There's no point going for flash. Also, the strats you mentioned only work on a few match-ups. Sub can't just Clone whenever and be sorted. You actually have to be very strategic with the Clones (especially as they're quite easily punished by a fair amount of the cast). You may as well say that Ermacs just spam TKP, Kabals only use the f+3,2 pressure strings, and Saibots just spam Clones. It might look like that to outsiders, but there's far more to it than that.
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    Spam, Learm more moves, you play the same, nothing new........player has left the match, are all comments I get all the time. It's straight hate because they got beat. What's so funny about it is if I play "the same" then I should be predictable and you can easily counter it. Keep playing how you want and laugh at the comments. I especially love the online players that take enough time to send me a message. LOL
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    In your opinion.

    If you want flash, you can play Kung Lao, Raiden, etc. Sub is for the non-braindead and I quite like him that way.
  6. JennyCage

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    Trust me, I understand that. But there are many characters that can take many setups and turn them into big damage. Cyrax, Cyber Sub-Zero, and Skarlet to a name a few, have a large variety of combo setups for big damage. Whichever the player choses to do is based on A: the difficulty of the combo, B: the setup/opportunity presented, C: their own knowledge of what's most efficient. Either way, you are guaranteed to see a lot of variety in their gameplay as you go from player to player. This is not the case for Sub-Zero because he only has a handful of setups and combo directions. He is very generic compared to many members of the cast.

    I never said Sub can clone whenever. Obviously these strategies are applied when appropriate. But that's still essentially the crux of SZ' gameplay - hiding behind clone, dashing in and cloning, trapping people in the corner with clones, making combos safe by ending them with clones, B+2 resets/enhanced ground freezes, and trading projectiles as needed.

    Note that I'm not saying Sub-Zero is bad, just boring to watch. He's just generic and you won't see much gameplay variety between players. He more than likely has few or no discoveries left, so yeah... every good Sub-Zero DOES play the same.
  7. JennyCage

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    The irony of calling Sub-Zero "for the non-braindead" when he is the most style limited, safe, and easy to play character in the game is quite large.
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    when you said that you lost all your credibility
  9. Creepy00

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    What if they rage quit? lol
    I just dont why but they quit on me if i play sub the right way :D
  10. eskuAdradit0

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    You'll get that from every little kid who thinks that fighting games are all about rushing.
    If it works, keep doing it. If they learn to counter your strategy, change yours and keep doing it until they eventually learn to counter your strategy again. That leads to a nice fight where you can learn tons of stuff. Bad thing is that most people don't use their brains in a match.
    Fighting against a good sub is like being alone against an upcoming Panzer who's pushing you into a corner. Once you're next to it you know it's all most likely over unless you think it well and fast.

    It's funny that people hate you for being more strategical(therefore, using more your brain).
  11. Creepy00

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    Easy character to play in the game? So, you saying you fall for sub tricks?? Lol
  12. just keep doin what your doin every character really only plays effectivly a couple differnt ways
  13. Bidu

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    Well said, Silva.
  14. salvificblood

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    So you're saying you don't need to put any thought into playing Sub-Zero efficiently? I find I have to play in many different ways with Sub depending on the matchup, and just because he's not flashy does not make him this easy, safe character you want to make him out to be.

    Hiding behind ice clones gets you killed in a fair few matchups. All you're doing is showing you don't understand Sub-Zero at a higher level of gameplay.

    When it comes to a character's playing style it's all about opinions. I think wanting to play a flashy character just because they're "flashy" is braindead, in the same way looking at a tier list and saying: "I want that one" is braindead. You pick the fighter based on how well they suit your style. You don't have to like Sub-Zero. I dislike plenty of characters but I don't go to the part of the forum designated to them and start telling everybody how boring and generic their character is.

    This is where I think you're being disrespectful.
  15. Kwon

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    There are many ways to play Sub-Zero

    Sub at his best.

    Sub-Zero VS JennyCage
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    Any, as far as I'm aware (or at least 1 or 2), and you have 10 frames to do it.

    And there aren't any INFs currently in the game, that are common-knowledge, they've all been patched out. Traps are fine, in my opinion.

    As for Sub online: I think it's as hard for him as anyone (though I find the online to be very playable, but I'm in the EU). From your post, it seems like you're sitting back and throwing ice a lot. That's fine against a few characters, but against the majority of the cast you should be getting up in their face, really. You can't really turtle in MK, because you take dmg anyway and give the opp meter, so if you get more aggressive I doubt you'll have that issue.
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