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PC League Season 1 Tournaments

PC League will adopt a new "seasonal" format!

Each PC Fight Night will now give points to players based on placements. At the end of the 3-month season players will be ranked according to their points scored, and if there are any ties we will hold tiebreaker matches. The final Top 16 will play for a larger prize pool! These rules go for all 3 PC League games!

Series starts Dec 12th 2020 and will end March 13th, and the Finals will be held on April 10th!

Season 1 Games are :
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R (Rollback beta) - €200 Prize Pool
Street Fighter V Champion Edition - €200 Prize Pool
Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate - €400 Prize Pool
Each PC Fight Night awards the winner with €10!

PC League Tournament Series will be run as follows :
Regions accepted - EU, CIS, ME.

GGXXACPR starts at Noon CET, SFV starts at 3pm CET, and MK11 starts at 6pm CET every Saturday.

Check in starts a half hour before each tournament!

Reaching TOP 16 grants 1 point, TOP 8 is 2 points, TOP 3 is 3 points, and Winning a tournament is 4 points!

Failure to check in results in you being moved to losers bracket. If you fail to check in a second time you will be DQ'd from the tournament!

All participants must follow on Twitch and join the Discord server so that we can contact you and you will get notified when tournaments go live!

Following Juste Meta on Twitter is also recommended!