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Tech Pay attention to SCR


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Dear Smoke players,

I could give two gipsy's scrotums who places or even does well, but my boy will be reping Smoke as his main. Believe it or not, he has 4-5 pieces of original tech for Smoke, and no matter how much I beg, I can't get him to post it publicly, for the sake of the game's lifespan and community. I totally respect his wishes and plan on keeping his shenanigans under wraps, but if you're stroking your smokey cock these days in MK9, keep a bright eye on SCR out of Sluts Vegas for some new Smoke tech. Dicks crossed he makes it out of pools.


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How good can the tech be if we're not confident he's even going to get out of pools?

Is this player "AtK!" ? Because the only "tech" I've seen from him is antiairing me with b3 in the corner lol

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Im going to go ahead and not watch him play. If he doesnt care to share, i dont give a crap about watching him play.
He obviously is concerned that he cant win games without gimmicks