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Patch 1.09 is available (on PS4)...

New patch for MK11 is out, initial reports are saying the forfeit exploit that allowed losers in ranked to stall out matches after a loss is gone. Whether or not anything else was done remains to be seen.

It's currently installing, so I don't have any notes on it yet. Will update as able.

Just says "General bug fixes", so it's probably for the forfeit glitch.
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Anyone know if they profile switch thing people doing to get around the timer exploit got fixed aswell?

Like to start playing this seasons kl but don't want to have the profile glitch done to me instead
I'm worried about other potential exploits. If PS4 users beat the forfeit exploit by changing PSN accounts then going back into the MK11 app, can they do the same thing still? For example:
  1. Win one game, set is 1-0
  2. Losing opponent takes their sweet ass time deciding whether to rematch or switch characters
  3. In the meantime, the winner does the aforementioned steps and gets the win while not completing the set
... does that work? I hope not.
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