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Hey Guys -

I've been playing Subz since day 1 and love him to death. I've come to realize that he's one of the deepest characters in the game with particular focus on a defensive +counterattack playstyle.

However, I seem to have two serious matchup problems, and they are against two commonly played characters. Kung Lao and Kabal.

Kung Lao first - He moves too quickly...being able to bait dive kicks into clones only works so many times before they start throwing low hats and mixing up with good teleports. I try safe strings but I usually just get out-mix'd up. I find it almost impossible to zone him out, and once he gets in, his pressure and rushdown is too good. Thoughts? Any particular strategies you guys find work well against Kung Lao?

Kabal - I hate this matchup more than anything in the game. You can't even come close to trading projectiles with this guy, he can spam air optic blast (heehee) all day long and mixup with saw wheel. when I try to get in, he usually just starts with that damn nomad dash cancel into serious mixup. I can't seem to fight him up close or at range. Again, any suggestions?

I appreciate all the help, I actually just got an xbox (been playing on a PS3) and I'm getting a gamertag soon, so I'll let you guys know, because I'd love to have a sparring partner...I consider myself pretty good, I run about a 70% win ratio online, but I have a LOT to learn.



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We have a matchup thread already and I encourage you to use it :)

No hate meant, just trying to prevent redundancy.