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OW team/s became useless after TT


Since the TT appeared on MKXM, a lot of things have been changed.

I had to break down few teams and assemble differently based on a different strategy.

One of my teams I used was: GEB (e7) / MK (e5) / KJT (e7)
GEB without introduction of his unblockable killing SP2. with WH geared up, his first opponent doesn't last for a second.
MK is grating 1 bar of power for OW teammates, and her power drain SP1. nothing else is good.
KJT is slow, but considered a support card, where her attacks if they connect, make insane damage (lethal blows), that's why I use block breaker gear for her.

in TT there's a talent where it reflects unblockable attacks, so basically GEB's SP2 is just watching him committing suicide, which changed the entire game play, and then he just need an air blow to die.

counting on MK isn't the best idea.
KJT is also a support card, not a main one, although she can make a lot of damage, if she manages to throw punches.

That used to be one of my favorite teams, but I can't use it much in FW anymore.

Did anyone also break down some of his teams to assemble new ones after TT appearance ?


lol, I actually do have the console version.
But the problem is time. I wasn't able to play much lately on console.