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Match-up Discussion Overcoming the sin of Adam: Black Adam Matchup


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After playing against some people on this forum I just realized I have no matchup experience whatsoever in the Black Adam matchup. What are some of the tips/tricks Shazam users on this forum do to save the day from this menace???


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You can react to low lightning and at certain ranges punish it with Ji2. BA cannot punish most ranges of Torpedo. B2 Torpdeo is safe. The issue is his walk back speed is still really good. But his WU is not for the most part. You can Bait out his WU lighting and wiff punish with b2, Torpedo, HM, etc. Learn the gaps in his +Strings. D1 Lighting Hands has a gap so you can MB F3 or BMB b3 Through it if you want to. You can punish Normal Dive kick with HM except when he hits you at the top of the head for some reason and if he hits you ankle with Dive kick. Watch out for when he does MB Lighting on our Knockdown. You cannot WU out of it. So just block. The MB lighting Tracks so it will follow WU teleport. Torpedo goes over Lighting now which is really cool. MB lighting does not go behind him. I think thats it. Or all i can thinking of atm. OH. Watch out for his Jump back when you are on Knock down. Since if he jumps back and you WU teleport towards him he can punish with JB2 but if you go back im pretty sure he can punish with Dive kick.