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Strategy Optimising Nightwing's Punishes


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This may have been brought up before, but Nightwing can get really good meterless damage from Staff Stance punishes, using IJ2.

I believe the special has to be at least around -17 for the IJ2 to hit. Using IJ2 as a punish means Nightwing can save his meter and get better damage than without the IJ2, or just go for max damage. I used the Flash as an example because before, our max damage meterless punish was only 1F1 xx FG.

Also, there seems to be a lot of confusion concerning Flying Grayon's frame-data on block:
Max Distance = +5 (S1 is 11f, beats out CC). Meaty = +6 (Staff Spin is 12f, beats out CC). Flying Grayson is also completely safe on block from all ranges.

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