Question - Commando Opinion :Commando Kano is awkward and needed several buffs.

Discussion in 'Kano' started by phantomthief99, May 14, 2018.

  1. Commando Kano is the most underused variation and for good reason. He just feels strange to use and in any case his parrys are trash compared to the rest of the casts that aren’t even grapplers. What are your thoughts and where would you all place him in the tier list?

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  2. What is trash about his parries? Even so, this character is not built around them anyway so I don't see the problem.
    He has 2 great Command grabs with 2 hits of armor, safe choke with 2 hits of armor, good normals, decent damage and corner carry and a great projectile for a grappler.
    Overall, he didn't need any buffs.
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  3. Saltea Moonspell

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    I see THE problem! You need to get your ass down there and get back to the game. We have a tournament to play in a few days and I need a sparing bag!

  4. The problem is that other characters have better parry’s yet don’t focus around parrying and reads like he’s supposed to. It’s easier to land a parry with Liu for example.

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  5. kabelfritz

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    Opinion: phantomthief99 is awkward and needs several buffs.
  6. YO any of you can give me tips on how to do the Ball cancels dash NJPs
  7. The timing is extremely strict. I’ve managed to do it a handful of times but my only advice is practice practice practice. If you want tech or advice on Kano that’s really good check out the YouTube channel of another member on here, MsMiharo. Good shit for Commando.

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  8. TBh I just need a hint on when to cancel to ball for the most plus frames
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  9. Sir Snibbor

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    When I played commando I’d cancel the ball immediately after it hits, and kind of buffer it so that as it hits I’m finishing the cancel input. And as his feet hit the ground I’d dash forward.
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  10. thlityoursloat

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    remember when his choke was -14 high? oooh yeah.
  11. So virtually when he was useless? Lmfao. He can be used effectively my point is that his effective combos feel very strange and can be a bitch to land online. I understand he’s not intended to be very combo based but the point still stands I feel like before the end of its lifecycle he needed a small buff or two. Something that made him a bit more solid. Could be worse though... could be balanced or kenjetsu Kenshi. Played all before the last patch. Afterwards he was legitimately useless.

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