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Online Stats Were Reset

I recently looked at my stats today... I usually play basic Player matches, and all my records were wiped. Can anyone please help or direct me to some fix. My overview record has everything.... but ranked,player matches and all that are gone.
On a more serious note the game has been out only a month...you're probably going to keep playing and those 1k wins will just be a drop in the bucket. Your going to have to let it go.


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I don't blame him, beating scrubs is hard when they have 3 bars :DOGE

no seriously, they x-ray at the weirdest fucking times and also i ended up losing my record also which is sad because it still says the amount of wins i got with my characters lol. I don't necessary care but back in my soul calibur days i'd only play people if they had a win rank over 50%.

this happened to me twice on the ranked leaderboards
I lost my win / loss ratio of 800+ / 28 or sth
there is no fix and if its happening again its just happening again
look up the IGAU leaderboards they are messed up as well these days

I play on ps4


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Can you direct me to a link of a thread you have made? I'd like to see some of the important topics you bring to the table
i believe the one topic I've made was asking for PC help because my graphics card died. You're welcome to shit on that if you want.