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Discussion in 'NetherRealm Online' started by Konqrr, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Konqrr

    Konqrr You will learn respect!

    Why does 99% of EVERYONE I fight online or even watch random videos of playing this game do this:

    ??Are they far away?

    Yes - Do special moves
    No - See below:

    ??Are they close?

    Yes - UPPERCUT!!

    ??They are winning, how do I get in?

    Jump at them!!!

    ??I am losing and they won't let me stand up?

    Yes - Do you have :x?
    **Yes - MASH :x !!!!!
    **No - TRY TO UPPERCUT!!

    Seriously, learn to play you damn scrubs!
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  2. Godking Nori

    Godking Nori I2 > SF5
    Premium Supporter

    My question to you: WHY do you bother to play online? It's horrid and people play exactly like you said above. Hell I'll even say it makes you worse. Select a certain few people and have private matches
  3. Konqrr

    Konqrr You will learn respect!

    I don't play online much at all. When I do though, I try to play people on my f/l.

    It's just frustrating trying to find videos or get matchup experience of characters your local comp doesn't play and they play like this.
  4. ZeroEffect

    ZeroEffect Noob

    This. It's really the only reason to play online at all when you have offline comp. For the variety of characters. Never know when someone at a tourney is gonna pull out a character you've never played offline before.

    Of course when 95% of the time you're fighting Scorpions and Raidens that doesn't always help either.
  5. Eight

    Eight I am the salt

    I feel your pain, bro.

    Online is truly a trying experience, to say the least. Immensely frustrating.
  6. fruityhobo

    fruityhobo Noob

    I usually avoid "ranked match" and go into the chat rooms. I challenge people with lots of games and a good win/loss. Usually gets me some pretty good players. Accepting challenges from random people or doing "ranked match" definitely gets me players like in your flowchart though ;). It's the brainless scorpion parade. Teleport. Teleport. Teleport. Hell that's not even a flowchart. Although, usually they only get maybe 2 or 3 a round though, because they die from the block/punish ;).
  7. cabibi

    cabibi Noob

    The worst are the people who send you bitter messages after you beat them.

    I loose so many hours trying to explain the definition of what a scrub is, when people try calling me a scrub because I'm "cheating" by using "unblockable combo's" lol

    It's why I love going to casuals... Konqrr next casual session I'm paying for your babysitter!
  8. Zerosoulreaver

    Zerosoulreaver -annataZ 4 CLD-

    I haven't played online for a while unless it's with a friend.

    All matches are just waiting for stupid spams then punish, punish punish for me. They never learn from their first mistake. People spam the silliest moves. I just combo them to hell and when I'm about to Fatal them they ragequit. Damn noobs take away all the joy I wanna get from seeing their faces explode.
  9. GNG Iniquity

    GNG Iniquity #bufftaquito #punchwalk #whiffycage

    I'm done with online. What a truly horrific experience. Yes, there's certainly some good players online, and basic matchup experience is helpful but that's all it is a handicap, period. The people who take this crap seriously are ridiculous. After about the 20th NJP I dropped attempting to set up a 34-37% combo I just swore it off. I got pretty sick of punishing every last Scrubrion with elbow dashes/1 FB 32 FB 321 slide.

    I certainly appreciate finding good players online, but when I can't actually play my character to his full potential, then what the hell is the point? I have to resort to punishing everything with a elbow dash as opposed to a JIP, 2, FB, NJP, 32 FB, 321 slide. Online is ASS!!!!

    Pretty much me when I play online. My family loves it! Hahaha
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  10. cgerrr

    cgerrr Tourney id: Gfc_alekS

    From my experience OP is pretty much right, though from the other hand:
    Ok my opp is far away – my options:
    - try to close in by block dash > got hit by projectile spam or random special move because of the input lag/lag in general;
    - try to react to the projectile spam with tele/armor moves > got hit through the armor and my move got blocked and punished because of the input lag/lag in general;
    - spam projectiles or whole screen special not on reaction > it seems it works because see above.

    Ok, opp is close - my options:
    - try to dash cancel with block-string > got hit by uppercut because can’t gauge the dash distance and when to cancel because of the input lag/lag in general;
    - try to wait for them to come > we either both standing/sitting and look to each other or opp jumps and I got block-stringed after jump in punch? Because can’t react with AA because of the input lag/lag in general;
    - jump on him or uppercut when see slight movement > seems to work because see above.

    Got knocked out or pressured to death with lag tactics block-strings/frame traps and have 3 bars – my options:
    - try to interrupt with generic down pokes > got stuffed by block-string/frame traps because of the input lag/lag in general;
    - try to use move with armor to interrupt > got stuffed on unarmored startup of the move by block-string/frame traps because of the input lag/lag in general;
    - use :x > seems to work because its instantly armored, fast and generally better than see above.

    Why should they learn to play to your personal amusement – they play for fun, their tactics works most of the time – they don’t have any stimuli to become better. If there would be online tourneys with comparable to offline prises fame and all that stuff and online would be fixed to be GGPO quality at least, maybe then there would be an incentive to play seriously for ‘online-competition-available-only’ people, but it won’t happen.

    Online is horrible, couple of months and MK9 online will be barren, if nothing happens.

  11. GNG Iniquity

    GNG Iniquity #bufftaquito #punchwalk #whiffycage

    Online just develops bad habits, has awful input delay, is littered with desynchs/disconnects and a large majority of the online warriors are ignorant scrubs. Avoid at all costs. 3RD strike will be my go to online game due to GGPO.
  12. Sequel

    Sequel Boob Titbot

    Everyone for some reason just wants to push buttons. I can never get my mix-up game going because they mash something out always when you're close and on wake up. So I wait and block their attack then proceed to do whatever the most damaging combo I have in my arsenal. GG.
  13. Subby

    Subby Frost Warrior

    Eh, I don't care. I still get the satisfaction of beating the hell out of them.
  14. DCT

    DCT Noob

    Because like anything that is online your are now connecting to a larger pool of people and sadly the larger the numbers of people the lower the odds of the person or persons your interacting with being reasonable or skilled people, this is the case with almost any popular game that sells well that has online since as far as I can remember Quake 1, sadly there not much that can be done it's not like developers can make a sorting engine that can sort people and match them based on actual skill and intelligence levels, would be nice but for the time being the only thing to do is either not bother for sometime or just grin and bear it till those people get bored and move on to the next big game that catches their eye which is usually anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

    It can be chalked up to just the fact that some people just want their hands held and not want to do most of the work themselves which sadly lead to the dumbing down of alot of genres of games over the years like the RPG genre and so on.

    That flow chart was hilarious though.

    That whole "Unblockable combo" but reminded me of these rant videos some guy posted on youtube about "Combo Spammers" which what he called people who contently were landing combos on him that were more then 3 to 4 hits, because he preferred doing 3 to 4 hit combos himself. It was fun for a laugh but it was also sad given the amount of people posting comments about how right he was as opposed to those calling him out for his ridicules notions, granted this guy came off as the type who would delete comments that contradict his line of thought.
  15. FatalTragedy

    FatalTragedy Jesus Fucking Christ

    Hey, now, I'm a Reptile player and I thrive on mid to full-screen spammage.
  16. Badboy Takuma

    Badboy Takuma you got caged, bitch!

    4 me mk9 scrubs n noobs r the most worse of all fighting games!
    i never see in other fighting games ppl playing so much braindead!

    1 example: why all online saibot noobs plays so stupid, and they play all the same stupid? u got what i mean?
    i feel that the ppl online just watch how the other saibot player plays him, and think ok thats how 2 play him..

    i do some fights agains a very very stupid saibot player called ERKAN BULUT, he is damm stupid, he do ONLY go 2 corner n spam shadows, only that, of course with random xray..
    he win 2 fights n go away n write me, i am noob and i should lern 2 play!
    i used sonya n he could beat me, just with shadows..
    i wrote him and question: man r u really so stupid or just trolling? and he answer me: ??? WHY
    then we fight again, and i choose sindel and i decide 2 let him drink his own piss, i win 10 to 0 just with fireballs, and he left and called me a cheater^^
    this is just one of hundreds of online storys, my stats r 3100/450 that means i play online a lot, but just because i love the game, and in germany no offline..

    good night mk9 ..
  17. Konqrr

    Konqrr You will learn respect!

    Spamming is all well and good, but when it's mindless, it's lolz
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  18. FatalTragedy

    FatalTragedy Jesus Fucking Christ

    I haven't played enough online since the latest patch but I know not long ago trying to fake a dash-in would normally result in me eating an uppercut. A lot of people play MK9 the way I played the MKII CPU when I was in 4th grade. Duck, block, wait, uppercut. Lately I've been rushing down like I'm playing slo-mo UMK3. Jab quickly, a few toe kicks when I see them letting off the block button and going for an uppercut, if they're persistent with the blocking throw in a grab. Doesn't work against everybody. Every opponent reacts differently to pressure. I need more experience playing different people, I suppose, but that style of rush-in is comfortable for me for the time being.
  19. Richmatic

    Richmatic Noob

    What do you expect its online mayne most people are just doing dumb shi for personal amusement there are thousands of flowchart Scorpions, Smokes, Sub Zeros, Ermacs, Kung Laos. Average Joe doesn't care if this combo is plus or minus on block or what is his max damage punish combo, mixups, good reset, he cares about winning so he can do his portal kick fatal with scorp and make you seem lame.

    You want good fights make a TYM room and more then likely you'll get some good matches.
  20. jadeVIRUS

    jadeVIRUS Noob

    The thing is many people playing online are new to MK but more importantly new to fighting games. They ARE terrible but you cannot blame them. After they get punished non-stop for doing things that simply don't work they will either quit or adapt.

    The peeps that send rage messages on the other hand.. But i got that alot in SF as well so it is par for the course.
  21. holy fuck iniquity, that video was hilarious. The end had me dying man
  22. lobo

    lobo woof.

    i played a certain nameless someone from this very site who's entire gameplan was to throw out unsafe shit and then uppercut me as i tried to punish. GGs, noob.
  23. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter

    I just love the hate mail that's relentless, this idiot last night sits there counterpicks me with Kung Lao, loses and sends me hate mail...saying "spammer, that's bullshit" yet he's trying to do spins and low hat throws the entire match....I love it. So many scrubs need to seriously be banned from playing this game in general, online or not lol.
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  24. PND OmegaK

    PND OmegaK Drunk and Orderly
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    PND OmegaK
    I try to pick out the guys with the favourable win to loss ratios to avoid these kind of situations, but even then I'm awestruck at how piss poor some people can be at the game after such a long time playing.

    I beat a kung lao player whose whole gameplan was uppercuts, low hats and dive kicks. I thought judging by his win/loss he'd at least be competent, but apparently not. After beating him there was a lot of ragemail about how much of a pussy I am and that he wanted a 'remath'.
  25. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    I've noticed that there is far more "scrubs" online in MK games than any other fighter I've played. It's not just MK9, it's every MK game. Also, MK seems to bring out the worst in people, at least online. What is it about online MK?
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