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OMEN OF SORROW Available for Digital Pre-Order Today!

Omen of Sorrow available for digital pre-order today!

Get ready epic battles ahead of the November 6th launch!

Santiago, Chile – October 2, 2018 – AOne Games is excited to announce that dark fighting game “Omen of Sorrow” is now available for digital pre-order exclusively on the PlayStation® Store for €49.99 EUR MSRP! As a special bonus, all digital pre-orders will receive a 10% discount, while PlayStation® Plus members a total 15% off the full price! (€44.99 EUR and €42.49 EUR respectively)

To celebrate this milestone, everyone who pre-orders the game before November 5th, will get an exclusive PlayStation®4 Theme, as well as the special discounted price!

Omen of Sorrow will release for PlayStation®4 both digitally and physically on the November 6th, 2018!

PlayStation® American Store Pre-Order: http://bit.ly/omen_preorder_us PlayStation® Europe Store Pre-Order: http://bit.ly/omen_preorder_eu

Watch the trailer launch date reveal trailer:

Conquer darkness

Omen of Sorrow is a four-button fighting game inspired by classical horror, fantasy and iconic myths and legends. Players will find themselves battling in various dangerous and gloomy places, such as a raging forest fire or a sinister castle. Omen of Sorrow features many legendary characters, such as the Dr. Frankenstein's monster, Adam; the cursed werewolf Caleb, as well as the fearsome and mad Dr. Hyde All characters are connected by an intricate storyline full of internal struggles, spite and malice.


  • Battle with many iconic characters and strategize with character specific special moves and abilities!
  • Flirt with danger in dismal stages, inspired by age-old European legends!
  • Take part in a gripping tale of darkness and despair in an exclusive Story Mode!
  • Endure grueling battles in Arcade and Survival Modes, or beat up friends in local Versus!
  • Experience a complete Online Mode, featuring Ranked and Casual matches, and create lobbies for custom rule matches!
  • Unlock more than 200 in-game rewards by conquering all of the different gameplay modes!
  • Master your fighting skills in a fully featured Training Room!

AOne Games

AOne Games is an experienced game development company based in Santiago, Chile. For more information, please visit www.aonegames.com/

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PC when? I'd love to get it in PC as retail.