Omen of Sorrow: Announces New PS4 Demo (Nov 19-21) (EU-AM)

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    Santiago, Chile.- Get ready for a wicked battle! Today AOne Games will launch a second public demo on PlayStation Network with American and European versions, the first one will have Zafkiel, Gabriel y Caleb as playable characters, and the second one will have Adam instead of Caleb, both will allow players to play either in local multiplayer or singleplayer modes.

    Felipe Budinich, AOne Games Marketing Director comments: “Omen of Sorrow presents a western aesthetic with gameplay rooted on the oriental arcade legacy of the genre, with features and combat mechanics that push players towards aggressive strategies.”

    Omen of Sorrow will be launched digitally on November 6th, and its physical version will arrive to America on November 20th, after being presented at over 100 events organized by the fighting game community around the world; EVO, First Attack, Thunderstruck, Fighting Fest, Treta Championship, Lima Salty, BATS True Salt y SoCal Regionals, winning awards such as Best Awesome Game at EVA Córdoba 2018 just a few weeks ago.

    “With this demo, players will have in their hands a version of the game where we have polished many subtle details since the last public demo and event releases” Says Max Kubler, Executive Producer and cofounder of AOne Games.

    Omen of Sorrow - Preorder Now!

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Discussion in 'Fighter's Depot' started by ETC Mcfly, Oct 19, 2018.

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